Best Champagne for New Year’s Eve (Low-Cost)

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A proper New Year’s celebration calls for a few bottles of the best champagne (and maybe some sparkling cocktails). We’ve got some recommendations for you right here. Celebrate New Year’s Eve with all the bubbles and fizz and flair! Ring in the good times the right way.

Best Champagne to Try This New Year’s Eve (The 3 Affordable Bottles You’ll Love)

1) Graham Beck Bliss Demi-Sec – ($20 or less)

Best champagne - graham beck bliss demi-sec.
Cheers, cheers, and more cheers! [Photo cred: screenshot from Graham Beck]

This Graham Beck Bliss Demi Sec is a crowd favorite. Its fruity and nutty notes are great if your crew doesn’t care for the dry kind of bubbly. Give this toasty and sweet jewel a whirl without breaking the bank. Those champagne flutes will be clinking all night!

2) Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Rosé – ($50 or less)

Best champagne - moet chandon nectar imperial rose.
Hello there, pink lady. [Photo cred: screenshot from Clos 19]

This bottle of Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Rosé is a coppery beauty. Not only will it be tasty, it’ll also look pretty suh-weet and heavenly in the glassware. Think elegant fruit bowl: juicy peaches and fresh-picked strawberries. It’s amped-up adult fruit punch, you guys. Consider it a glass of dessert and a wonderful, sticky kiss on the mouth at midnight.

3) Krug’s Grande Cuvée – ($100 or less)

Best champagne krugs grande cuvee.
This is a mighty fine selection. [Photo cred: screenshot from Krug]

This Krug’s Grande Cuvée is a gold medal in our eyes. Somehow, you’ll breathe in floral and gingerbread. You’ll taste citrus, honey, and hazelnut. If you want to bring class, sophistication, complexity, and maturity to your New Year’s get-together, we highly recommend this bottle.

Three of the Best Champagne Cocktails to Try This New Year’s Eve

1) Apple Cider Mimosa

Best champagne cocktails with apple cider mimosa.
Apples instead of oranges. [Photo cred: Pexels]

All you’ll need is champagne, apple cider, sugar, and ground cinnamon. It’s a great wintertime flavor profile. In the Town & Country Mag recipe, you’ll see that the rim of the champagne glass (or juice glass) is dipped in cinnamon sugar. Delish? Yes. Recipe Here!

2) Grape Sparklers

Best champagne cocktails featuring grape sparklers.
Okay, so maybe don’t go this far with the grape garnish. [Photo cred: Pixabay]

Sparklers are certainly a New Year’s tradition, but for these, you won’t need a lighter. Food & Wine says you will need four pounds of red grapes, plus Prosecco and fresh mint. You’ll be making your own grape juice so your guests can experience both the grape-ness and greatness in this sparkling cocktail! Recipe Here!

3) Garpefruit and Sage Champagne Cocktail

Best champagne - featuring grapefruit sage.
Add some sage, and you’re ready to go! [Photo cred: Flickr]

As you approach the new year, approach your bright future with a bright cocktail from the Floating Kitchen. The freshness of the grapefruit and sage are sure to get you ready for success. You’ll make a simple syrup and combine it with grapefruit juice, bitters, champagne, and fresh sage. If fresh grapefruit juice is within reach, make it happen. Your guests are going to ask for more, so buy cocktail supplies accordingly! Recipe Here!

Let’s Make a Toast!

Get those New Year’s Eve toasts ready, because the party is about to get started! Grab the best champagne, or try a couple of these bubbly cocktails. Either way, it’s going to be your tastiest shindig ever!

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If it’s freezing outside this New Year’s, go for some steamy delights with our article Warm Cocktails: 6 Classics to Cozy Up With.

As always, we enjoy hearing from our Prestige fans and newcomers alike. Please share your favorite champagnes and sparkling cocktails below in the comments section. We’re all here to learn, so we’d appreciate your input. Best to you and yours in the new year!


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