Best Whiskey Bar NYC? See The Top 5

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On the hunt for the best whiskey bar NYC has to offer? We are, too. And frankly, there are too many to count in The Big Apple. We have faith, though, that these five selections won’t disappoint. Along the way, you’re sure to run into many friends who can point you toward even more new favorites.

It’s America. We love our whiskey. And we love talking about our whiskey and sharing all the local haunts. Join us for a brief list below, and good luck as you travel and explore the realms of our beloved spirit!

Best Whiskey Bar NYC? Start here!

We’ve got them listed alphabetically, and that’s it. We’re not ranking them. We’re simply giving you some of the best and leaving it up to you to make the official call. If you already have an opinion, we hope you’ll share it with us below. If we’ve left a special place out—and there’s no way we haven’t– then let us know before you go.


Best whiskey bar NYC_ - Angel's Share outside view.
Angel’s Share – 8 Stuyvesant Street, New York, NY 10003 [Image credit – Angel’s Share on Google Places].

It’s a classy joint. But it’s low-key. Some folks don’t even know about it. It has literal subtle charm, you guys. You’ll discover the magic as you pass through an unmarked side door of Village Yokocho. It’s the place you take your date. How about being intimate? It’s snazzy. It’s unforgettable. The whiskey flows in floods, and the cocktails are for real, heavenly.


Best whiskey bar NYC - Caledonia Bar outside view.
Caledonia Bar – 424 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10024. [Image credit: Caledonia Bar on Google Places].

It’s Scottish and dreamy. Whether you’re into the peaty or something truly special, you’re going to find it here, we’d bet. You can also eat the right way. Scotch eggs? Yes. Fish and chips? Of course. They advertise themselves as “the world’s least pretentious whisky bar.” We like it. We think you’re going to like it, too.


Best whiskey bar NYC - Death and Company outside view.
Death & Co. – 433 E 6th Street, New York, NY 10009. [Image credit: Death & Co. on Google Places].

When you enter Death & Company, you’re going to feel welcomed and just…right. It’s been around for over a decade now, so we think it’s going to survive. When the whiskey abounds, what’s not to love? How about some Wild Turkey Rare Breed? They’ve got it, along with many other house-crafted whiskey cocktails you’re going to rave about. They live for the night, and they’ll teach you their dark ways in no time. Long live Death and Company!


Best whiskey bar NYC - The Flatiron Room, outside view.
The Flatiron Room – 37 W 26th Street, New York, NY 10010. [Image credit: The Flatiron Room on Google Places].

The whiskey selection is absolutely epic. We know we’re not ranking here, but with over 1,000 global varieties, we are strongly leaning. We’ll just say that. This is a whiskey nerd’s paradise. Jazz shows, food, and family—you can’t go anywhere near wrong if you go here. It’s splendid. Put it on your NYC bucket list now. Right now.


Best whiskey bar NYC -  The Whiskey Ward, front view.
The Whiskey Ward – 121 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002. [Image credit: The Whiskey Ward on Google Places].

The rotating whiskey menu is dynamite, Prestige fam. It’s the Lower East Side’s ultimate watering hole. You may think “dive” when you enter, but it’s something special for sure. For nearly twenty years, it’s been getting the job done. Whiskey flights and signature cocktails are not to be missed. Feeling excited? You should be.

Add to Our List!

As we said, give us your best whiskey bar NYC below in the comments section. We want to know your favorite spots! Teach us your ways. We’re mere Kentucky kids around here (although we know a thing or two about bourbon).

Speaking of Kentucky, if you’re heading to our parts instead, check out our article 10 Must-Visit Bourbon Bars in Louisville.

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