4 Unforgettable Christmas Cocktails

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Looking for some Christmas cocktails that your party guests will ask for again next year? Want to dazzle your family and friends in your kitchen or at your home bar?  Then check out these memorable holiday drink recipes. You can’t go wrong with this variety of Christmas flavors and colors.

The 4 Christmas Cocktails That We’ll Always Remember!

1. Snowman Eggnog – from @foodnetwork

Christmas cocktails featuring the snowman eggnog.
Watch the @foodnetwork video here. [Photo cred: Food Network]

The recipe is right here, ready and waiting for you to make it. Baby, it’s cold outside–and it can be wonderfully cold in your glass! Chilled rum or brandy will do the trick, along with eggs, sugar, milk, heavy cream, vanilla, and nutmeg. These Christmas cocktails are so extra. This is for the hostess with the ‘mostest’. If you have time on your side, wow your guests with these chilly, chubby fellas!

2. Chocolate Covered Cherry Martinifrom @shakedrinkrpt

Christmas cocktails - with the chocolate covered cherry martini.
Ah, the cherry on top… [Photo cred: Pixabay]

The cocktail recipe here was made for all you chocolate-covered cherry lovers out there! If chocolate-covered cherries are one of your Christmas staples, you’ve found your holiday gem.  We think you’ll enjoy the flavor in libation form, too. And seriously, who wouldn’t enjoy cherry flavored vodka, creme de cocoa, and heavy cream? This is a definite crowd-pleaser for your super Santa shindig!

3. Cinnamon Sugar Cookie –from @dekuypercocktails

Christmas cocktails - featuring the cinnamon sugar cookie.
Bring the cream. And the bourbon. [Photo cred: Flickr]

Get the details here, you guys. Up for some spiced bourbon, butterscotch schnapps (say that five times fast) and Irish cream? Yeah. Let’s go. Get those cocktail shakers out, and get to work. This is a simple sort of treat. For more quick and painless delights, head over to our article on Christmas Party Drinks.

4. Spiced Holiday Cranberry Margaritas –from @pineapple_and_coconut

Christmas cocktails - with a spiced holiday cranberry margaritas.
Tequila: it’s not just for summer anymore. [Photo cred: Flickr]

Shanna is serving up some Christmas magic with this recipe here. Not pictured above? Green sugar on the rim. But seriously: that has to happen. Be festive! One batch makes four drinks, so this is perfect for that small holiday dinner party you’re hosting. Margaritas are classic summertime, poolside treats, but you don’t want to wait for this! You know we’re right. End the year in the best way: break out the tequila, simple syrup, cranberry juice, lime, and cinnamon.

Christmas Cocktails for the Books!

We know in our merry and bright hearts that you’re going to fall for these four Christmas cocktails this season. Whether you’re feeling like vodka, brandy, rum, bourbon, or tequila, you can’t go wrong!

Make your cocktail list and check it twice. Don’t miss out on these soon-to-be favorites. And don’t miss out on some excellent holiday gift ideas with Prestige Decanters. Our handcrafted decanters and whiskey glasses are just the thing to put under the tree this year!

One more request from us, and then we’ll let you scoot off to (perhaps) additional gift wrapping and holiday planning. Please comment below with your favorite Christmas cocktails! Our Prestige fam surely has some awesome classics and creations.

We’re signing off, wishing for peace (and plenty of cocktails) on Earth!


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