Cookies and Cocktails: Santa’s Favorite Parings

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Cookies and cocktails are a must before heading to bed on Christmas Eve. Especially if you might be on the naughty list! Santa’s got a long night ahead of him.  A little booze and baked goods will keep him rosy-cheeked and warm through his trip around the globe! We’ve got some delicious pairings that you’ll love as much as he will. (And the leftovers are great for Christmas Day!)

For each cookie we highlight, we’ll also bring you a cocktail that embraces the same or complementary flavors. But feel free to mix and match!  There’s nothing wrong with serving a sugar cookie-inspired cocktail alongside a spicy gingerbread snowflake. You won’t hear Santa complain! He loves it all.

Classic Cookies and Cocktails That Say “We Believe in Santa”

Sugar Cookie Cocktail & Salty Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

You’ll need vanilla vodka and Baileys vanilla for this Tablespoon holiday staple in cocktail form. It’s super sweet, so it pairs well with a saltier take on the traditional sugar cookie. A Cozy Kitchen brings us a recipe that coats cookies with both sugar and sea salt. Yum? Yeah. Santa can totally check his treat list twice with sweet and salty in one delicious cookie!

Gingerbread Old Fashioned Cocktail & Spicy Gingerbread Cookies

We know what you truly need in your busy life, Santa. No worries: we got you. With Angel’s Envy Bourbon and gingerbread bitters, this is one “Grinch” of a cocktail that may indeed steal your Christmas, kids. We say this because one sip of this recipe; and Kris Kringle may be kicking back for another (and another). Gifts take a back seat to bourbon, right? Keep it really real with this Smitten Kitchen recipe for a spicy batch of cookies. You’ll need plenty of ground ginger and black pepper!

Eggnog Cocktail & Eggnog Cookies with Rum Sugar Glaze

All Santa wants for Christmas is eggnog. You know it’s true. Give the festive fellow his wish with Mantitlement’s easy eggnog concoction. And for a next-level kind of holiday, you won’t want to miss Liv for Cake‘s ‘nog-inspired treats. They’re changing the night-before-Christmas world with that simple but powerful rum glaze.

Weather-Perfect Cookies and Cocktails That Whisper “Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Or Is It?)”


Hot Buttered Bourbon & Brown Butter Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Brrrrrrrr! Bundle up, Pappy Noel! And get extra cozy with this bourbon cocktail from Well Plated. It’s rich with apple cider, butter, and recommended Bulleit Bourbon. Serve this drink with a pile of mind-blowing, delicious bourbon cookies, loaded with some of our favorite guilty pleasures. Get the amazing cookie recipe at Baker by Nature. Does gluttony put you on the naughty list? If so, Santa is about to cross over to the dark side.

Holiday Milk Punch & Holiday Pinwheel Cookies

Workin’ up a sweat, Saint Nick? We’ve got a cold glass of milk punch waiting for you, recipe courtesy of My Recipes. Choose brandy or bourbon; the Claus likes them both. For an impressive, festive cookie, check out That Skinny Chick Can Bake and her pinwheels. You can make these up ahead of time, freeze them, and bake them as needed.

But not all of us have a snowy, below-freezing Christmas Eve. You tropical kiddos out there might even consider coconut cookies and rum. See our article 7 Mighty Types of Rum as you prepare for a warmer evening around the tree.

Fruit-Forward Cookies and Cocktails For Santa’s Tutti Frutti Side


Holiday Sangria & Fruitcake Christmas Cookies

The Real Housemoms bring a recipe for sangria that’s all about those Christmastime cranberries, pomegranates, oranges, lemons, pears, and–wait for it–champagne. We’re pairing this tasty delight with a fruit-cakey cookie from Taste of Home. All those nuts and candied fruits are part of what makes this holiday season so great. Better than a fruit basket–and that’s straight from the reindeer’s mouth!

Merry Christmas Cocktail & Lemon Snowball Cookies

Need an easy cookies-and-cocktails plan for the most wonderful time of the year? You got it! The Spruce Eats hooks us up with a simple Merry Christmas libation that incorporates our favorite holiday fruit, cranberries.  Your Collins glasses will be brimming with festive bright-red “Happy Holidays!” And for a little wintry magic, try these King Arthur snowballs.

Don’t Forget Those Treats for the Sleigh Ride (and the Reindeer)


Frozen Caramel Hot Chocolate Mocktail

We don’t even have an accompanying cookie for this one. It’s basically a cookie in itself. Thanks to The Cookie Rookie for this gift of a drink. It’s a ‘boozeless’ beauty for Santa’s long haul. He can take it with him–after he fills your stockings with candy canes…or coal!

Reindeer Food

What do Rudolph and the gang run on? Sugar. And pretzels and nuts and chocolate and more sugar. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in cookie form! Head over to All Recipes for this 5-star reindeer goodness. Those eight tiny reindeer and their red-nosed leader thank you in advance.


Happy Holidays from Prestige Decanters!

You know what? You can always leave your Prestige liquor/wine decanter and whiskey glasses out for Mr. Claus’s personal use on the evening of December 24th. Nothing makes him say ho, ho, ho like a nice pour of your best. He deserves it. He’s out there working hard, after all!

Have some favorite cookies or cocktails that we didn’t mention above? We’re here to learn just like you are, so share your recipes with our Prestige family. ‘Tis the season for giving!

Cheers to all, and to all a good night!


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