5 Florida Whiskey Bars to Remember

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Ah, it’s a great day when we’re talking whiskey and The Sunshine State. As we think of Florida, it’s easy to picture salty seas and warm sands. But it’s not only palm trees, seashells, and dunes. That’s right. Don’t forget about the Florida whiskey bars. Your Floridian experience isn’t complete until you’ve hit these five whiskey scenes.

Florida Whiskey Bars To Write Home About

Finally, a postcard makes sense! You must tell all of your pals to make their way south pronto and join you. We’ve singled out five whiskey bars across the state of Florida. Whether you’re in the Panhandle or down in the Keys, we’ve got you covered.

Here They Are: From Top to Bottom, Sunshine!

From northern Florida to the tip, to the last Key, get ready for greatness (in geographical order).

1. Pensacola, FL | Old Hickory Whiskey Bar

Florida Whiskey Bars - Old Hickory

It truly looks like a Whiskey Library. Better than books, right?
Source: Old Hickory Whiskey Bar Facebook Page

Old Hickory Whiskey Bar boasts over 650 whiskeys and snazzy, seasonal cocktails. They should definitely be on your whiskey bar destination list. Check out their “Whiskey Library” online. And if we’re talking aesthetics, the place is just beautifully golden. An absolute amber dream! It’s like walking into a glass of whiskey. What more could you want?

Old Hickory is calling your name. Can’t you hear it? If you find yourself in or near the Florida Panhandle, make the trip. Visit the “OHWB #whiskeyfam.” Don’t let the salty seaside air fool you. They’re bringing that sweet depth and spicy warmth for sure.

2. Tallahassee, FL | Warhorse Whiskey Bar

Up and running since 2015, Warhorse Whiskey Bar brings classic whiskey cocktails and select whiskeys from around the globe. The menu looks like a comic book, so bonus points! They get even more bonus points for the location. Their next-door neighbor is Gaines Street Pies. Pizza, anyone? You’ll spend your entire evening here.

Warhorse believes in community, music, cocktail competitions, fundraisers, trivia, and sports. It’s always fun here, so expect to drink in a good time along with all that delicious whiskey.

3. Orlando, FL | The Whiskey

Florida Whiskey Bars - The Whiskey

The Whiskey takes decorating tips from an actual whiskey barrel. How perfect.
Source: The Whiskey Facebook Page

Founded in 2015, The Whiskey is famous for their extensive whiskey menu, craft cocktails, and gourmet burgers. They boast 85 whiskeys and rye, 66 bourbons, 52 Scotches, 21 Irish whiskeys, and 10 “Limited & Rare.” Chef Steven Flowers and Sous Chef Hugh Holland will offer whiskey flavor across the board—from plate to glass.

At The Whiskey, they like live music, fire by sight and sip, and Mark Twain’s face. And we dig it all, too. Let’s not forget Twain’s famous lines: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” Bravo, Orlando. This one’s a keeper.

4. Miami, FL | Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar

Florida Whiskey Bars - Casa De Montecristo

Ah, the absolute mayor of cigars and whiskey. They’re simply too legit. That’s all there is to it.
Source: Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar Facebook Page

This is the showstopper of the bunch. Seriously, whatever you’re doing, if you’re not in Miami, book your getaway asap. Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar is everything you want, need, and expect from Miami. It’s an upscale lounge with a members-only section. You’ll have access to the rare, exclusive, and hard-to-find whiskeys. Ultimately, you’ll feel like absolute royalty.

We’re lucky walk-ins are welcome. Craft cocktails, leather seats, and vintage cigars are the norm. Put on your best for Miami and enjoy yourself. Straight luxury and—we’re willing to bet—the finest selection of whiskey in the state. Anything can happen in the Magic City!

5. Key West, FL | Caroline’s Other Side

Florida Whiskey Bars - Caroline’s Other Side

Low, mood lighting and the sleek bar await you at Caroline’s Other Side.
Source: Caroline’s Other Side Facebook Page

There you were, all down and out, because you thought a whiskey bar wouldn’t exist on this remote, westward island. Your Florida Keys whiskey bar dreams will include the most extensive selection of whiskey around. The bar is part of the casual restaurant Caroline’s Cafe, which opened in 1999. The “Other Side” entered the scene in 2014, and locals and visitors alike swear by this watering hole.

Caroline’s is a U.S. Nationally Registered Historic Place, and the pet rooster, Abby may greet you! You must scoot over to this delightfully quirky, beautiful gem if you’re floating on the Keys. Check out their online menu; the whiskey abounds.

You’re Just Fine With Us, Florida

As you plan to visit one (or all) of these fine Florida whiskey bars, get in the spirit at home. Browse our artisan whiskey decanters and whiskey glasses. Our designs are unique and memorable, and we use only the best in handcrafting every piece.

While we’re discussing U.S. travel, check out one of our most humorous blogs, “23 Reasons to Stay Away from Kentucky.” Oh, Southeast. You’re really bringing your A game. There’s so much to do, see, and drink in these parts. Start that whiskey bar tour today!

Live in Florida, or been there recently? Share your favorite Florida whiskey bars with us below!


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