Finally! Useful Groomsmen Gifts

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Your big day is approaching, and you’re looking for useful groomsmen gifts. Honestly, the guys don’t need yet another wallet, knife, flask, or ax. Most of the tokens of appreciation groomsmen typically receive just gather dust. They’re tucked away or eventually sold at yard sales.

Isn’t it time that the groomsmen of the world–or at least yours–received something practical? Can you find a gift that is both practical and awesome? You can. And you have.

Useful Groomsmen Gifts for Your Crew

Have you thought about a decanter? We have (obviously). But seriously. This decanter isn’t going to get shoved into a closet. It’ll need to be cleaned occasionally, but it won’t collect dust. It certainly won’t find its way into a garage. Unless the garage happens to be the man-cave, that is.

Your guys are going to thank you for thinking outside the box. For going the extra mile to make them feel special. For being amazing when it comes to gift-giving. This is a present they’ll use and show off. In fact, every time someone asks about the decanter, your name and the memory of your wedding will come up in conversation.

You’ll be a legend!

Useful Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Keep Close

Check out a few of our handcrafted, quality decanters right here. To see much more, head over to our online store. We have a ton of cool options!

1. Tomoka Gold Decanter

Tomoka Gold Decanter
Prestige Tomoka Gold Decanter

You’re more than likely going to fall for some of our ship-in-a-bottle decanters. Your wedding day crew will, too. They’ll thank their captain (that’s YOU) for sure!

2. Atlas – Bearer of Wordly Sprits – Decanter

Useful Groomsmen Gifts Idea
Atlas – Bearer of Worldly Spirits – Prestige Decanter

Our Bearer of Worldly Spirits is a classy option. It’s also full of personality and strength. Just like your boys!

3. Golf Ball Shaped Decanter

Premium Golf Ball Shaped Decanter
Prestige Golf Ball Shaped Decanter

Have any golfers standing beside you on your important day? Looking through our decanter collection, you can find something for everyone. This 19th Hole treasure will leave them pretty freaking breathless.

The Extra-Extra Mile

To make these useful groomsmen gifts even more useful, pair them with one set (or two) of these. Our whiskey glasses are durable and made to complement our decanters. If you purchase the Atlas Decanter, consider this duo. They really spin without spilling!

Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses
Prestige Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

And there are so many other whiskey glass options: think golf balls, baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls, diamond shaped, and barrel-shaped glasses! You can’t go wrong with these stunners.

And check out our article Basil Hayden Bourbon Review. A bottle of the good stuff would send you above and beyond in the gift-giving realms. You know it’s true.

Share With Us!

When is the big day? If you were a groomsman, which of the useful groomsmen gifts would you want? Tell us below in the comments. We’d really like to know.

Oh, and while you’re thinking about them, help them think about you. Feel free to forward this article from Thrillist to your buddies. It’s all about bachelor party ideas. This is important stuff, right?

We’re sending you all the happy marriage vibes we can. Whether you have guys or gals standing behind you on this special day, there’s something here for everybody.

These will be the best gifts they’ve ever received. That suit rental will be worth it!


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