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Prestige Decanters was born with a focus on creating quality, unique decanters that are both functional and stylish. Looking around all we found on the market were decanters with plastic stoppers and spigots of the worst quality. Prestige Decanters was created for anyone who appreciates quality craftsmanship.

We became experts in every type of decanter and then we became experts in making ART from wood and glass. At Prestige Decanters every decanter has it’s own unique design. We got deep into the craft, searching for the best of both functionality and design. We wanted them to have a unique flair, precise woodwork, and a great look. Our decanters would be handcrafted and hand-blown; made the hard way for those who know, quality still matters!

We found glass artisans who can work magic with glass, whose designs are only limited by our imagination. Our love for the earthiness of wood led us to combine our handcrafted wooden bases with hand-blown glass.

We are proud of Prestige Decanters, and not just because they are a beauty. We love the wooden bases on our products and so do our customers, the style and quality craftsmanship add a unique flair not found in any other decanter. To remain environmentally friendly, offset our wood use, and grow our forests, we plant a tree, right here in America for each decanter sold.

Today, Prestige Decanters is one of the fastest growing decanter companies in the country with our products found in nearly every state from coast to coast.

We are honored to offer you Prestige Decanters and do exactly what we love. To us, each decanter is a work of art that we should enjoy together. Whether you are looking for the perfect way to spice up your home bar or the perfect gift for that special someone we hope you join our community. Pull up a chair and stay awhile!


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