Prestige Decanters is driven by personal need. We searched the market for premium decanters instead of cheap, plastic junk. When our search came up empty, we forged a new path and crafted our own designs.

This isn’t the product of foreign imports. Prestige came to life right here in the U.S. We studied decanters and structural design. We dove deep into the craft on a journey to find the best in functionality and innovative styling.
Months of intensive research combined with the fine arts of wood and glasswork eventually led to precision creations, unique flair, and ultimately, a decanter worth glorifying high upon your shelf.

Each decanter is handcrafted and hand-blown, formed into designs limited only by imagination. We never skip steps to cut costs either. Instead, our decanters are made the hard way because quality takes effort and that’s what you deserve.

And that goes for all of our products. Everything you buy from Prestige is created with premium grade materials that stand the test of time. We’re also environmentally friendly and we plant a tree to help promote U.S. forestry every time you buy.

No, we’re not for everyone. We serve savvy customers around the globe searching for premium containers for top-shelf liquors. Artisans by trade, this is for those who demand something more — fine drinkware because you have standards and it’s worth it to enjoy life.

Today, Prestige is one of the fastest growing decanter companies in the country with products found in most states coast to coast.

We couldn’t do it without you and we’re so grateful you’ve given us the opportunity to serve you while doing what we love. So whether you’re looking for the perfect way to spice up that home bar, or a gift for that special someone, we’re glad to have you with us and we hope you’ll stay a while.



The Prestige Family