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Made the Hard Way
Because You Deserve the Absolute Best

Authentic Hand-Blown Glass

Every decanter is crafted by skilled artisans with an expert hand and an eye for quality. You literally taste the history and feel precision workmanship in the palm of your hands.

Leak-Proof Spigot

Prestige spigots are designed with an adjustable seal built with solid, easy-flow technology and an elegant design. All spigots are made of stainless steel because plastic and liquor were never meant to meet.

Oak Base Crafted in Kentucky

All decanters fashioned with a wooden display base are handmade of solid oak by the finest Kentucky craftsmen. With us you get products built on sturdy foundations right here in the U.S.A.

Robust & Resilient

Prestige decanters are made of borosilicate glass. Thick and durable, your carafe is designed for longevity. While others chip or break easy, our select decanters are built to last.

Airtight Glass Stopper

You buy the good stuff. It shouldn’t go to waste. Prestige ground glass stopper helps ensure an airtight seal that avoids the taint of air which causes impurities in your liquor.

For Those Who Have Everything

You need a gift they don’t have. This is probably it. Skip the Starbucks card and go straight for something guaranteed to put a smile on their face and a fire in their soul.
Buy One Plant One

Buy One Plant One

Every year millions of trees are destroyed in natural disasters right here in the U.S.

At Prestige we care about the environment, so we plant a tree for every decanter purchased.

The goal is to plant 100,000 trees minimum to help make the world a better place for the next generation.

It’s a lofty mission, but it’s for a good cause, so we hope you’ll join us on this journey. We can’t do it alone.

Together…we’ll change the world.

Old World Skill, Vintage Charm, Modern Excellence.
Handblown glass

Hand-Blown by Skilled Artisans with an Expert Hand

Borosilicate glass

Made of premium borosilicate glass for strength and resilience

Wood Shop

Handcrafted Wooden Bases Made by Master Craftsmen in Kentucky

Buy One Plant One Prestige Decanters

Eco-Conscious. For Each Decanter Sold We Plant a Tree in The USA

Style Meets Craftsmanship
Hand-Blown Works of Art That Tell Your Story
Magellans Victoria Decanter
Constellation1797 Liquor Decanter
Diamond Whiskey Decanter
Perpetual Fantasy Football Decanter