Affordable Scotch: 12 Hot Bottles To Pick

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It’s never a bad time for affordable Scotch. But as the holidays are upon us, we’re searching for a big bang for our buck. Why? Those purse strings are certainly loosened. It’s the season of giving! New Year’s parties! And so much more.

We’re buying more than booze, though. Those shopping lists are long. But we can all agree that good booze makes the season so much brighter. So…what can you get that won’t break the bank?

Keep reading to discover twelve bottles of affordable Scotch: around the $50, $75, and $100 price tags. It’s a concise collection of notes, plus reviews from @whiskyjourney, @whiskywatches, and @dram_dude.

Basically, today you’re hearing from some of our Prestige Decanters brand ambassadors. We hope you’ll get some ideas from these three. Remember to give them a follow on Instagram! And keep an eye out for the coupon codes they post. Our whisky decanters and glasses make wonderful, unique gifts for your loved ones too. (And for yourself! Just saying.)

A Quick Review Of The 12 Bottles

1) Affordable Scotch near the $50 price tag

Glen Scotia Double Cask

Affordable Scoth - Glen Scotia
Glen Scotia Double Cask | $46.99 | 46% ABV

Quick Notes: Super oily with rich chocolate and herbs.

“A very ‘easy to drink’ whisky with a lot of wonderful flavors. A very kind introduction to Campbeltown Whisky!”@whiskyjourney

Chivas Regal Mizunara Cask Blended Scotch

Chivas Regal Mizunara
Chivas Regal Mizunara Cask Blended Scotch | $47.99 | 40% ABV

Quick Notes: Honey-filled and warm hazelnut.

“One of my favorite easy-sipping sleeper bottles!”@whiskywatches

2) Affordable Scotch near the $75 price tag

GlenAllachie 12 Year PX Sherry Wood Finish

Affordable Scotch - GlenAllachie
GlenAllachie 12 Year PX Sherry Wood Finish | $74.99 | 48% ABV

Quick Notes: Chocolate, caramel, and holiday fruits.

“GlenAllachie makes amazing spirits. Ten years on bourbon casks and two years on PX casks make this whisky an absolute favorite if you like sherry-matured whisky!” @whiskyjourney

@whiskywatches gives us 3 more picks:

“All these are great expressions under $75!”

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruben

Glenmorangie Quinta
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruben | $56.99 | 46% ABV

Quick Notes: Heavy and extra sweet with sugary cereal and berries.

Glenlivet 15 Year

Affordable Scotch - Glenlivet
Glenlivet 15 Year | $59.99 | 40% ABV

Quick Notes: Dry, winter spice overload with thick oak.

Dalmore 12 Year

Dalmore 12 Year | $64.99 | 40% ABV

Quick Notes: Bitter orange with chocolate and autumnal spices.

@dram_dude gives us even 3 more picks:

Glendronach 12 Year

Glendronach Scotch Whisky
Glendronach 12 Year | $58.99 | 43% ABV

Quick Notes: Light citrus oil; buttery with chocolate, toasted nuts, and spiced fruit.

Kilkerran 12 Year

Kilkerran 12 Year | $67.99 | 46% ABV

Quick Notes: Citrus with vanilla, honey, and a touch of salt.

Lagavulin 16 Year

Lagavulin Whisky
Lagavulin 16 Year | $68.99 | 43% ABV

Quick Notes: Thick and velvety with malt, sherry, peat, and hints of vanilla.

“A good intro to peat!”@dram_dude

3) Affordable Scotch near the $100 price tag

Ardbeg Corryvreckan

Ardbeg Corryvreckan | $85.99 | 57.1% ABV

Quick Notes: Creamy and medicinal with orange, fleeting peat, and salt.

“Corryvreckan is one of my all-time favorites. It has so much taste in it and is so intense! A real peat and flavor bomb!” @whiskyjourney

Aberlour A’bunadh

Aberlour A’bunadh Whisky
Aberlour A’bunadh | $99.99 | 59-61% ABV

Quick Notes: Sweet orange and cherry with holiday spices.

“It’s the first thing that comes to mind. In a nutshell, this is a cask strength sherry bomb!”@whiskywatches

Glendronach 15 Year Revival

Glendronach 15 Year
Glendronach 15 Year Revival | $89.99 | 46% ABV

Quick Notes: Powerful and oily with dried fruit, leather, and licorice.

Another pick from @whiskywatches!

Time to Start Shopping!

These sound delicious, wouldn’t you agree? We’re drooling over them ourselves.

If you could take home any bottle of affordable Scotch tonight, which would be your pick? Tell us in the comments below. And it doesn’t have to be a pour that you see here. Give us the affordable dram of your dreams! We’re dreamers here at Prestige, too.

Thanks again to our brand ambassadors for their recommendations. Follow them and @prestigedecanters for more Scotch recommendations, bottle reviews, and cocktail recipes.

Want more? Read our article 3 Smart Scotch and Cigar Pairings. And if you’d like ideas about what to gift your friends and fam this holiday, check out our online store for the answers!

We’ve got your back, Scotch lovers and newbies. This traditional liquor is historically great. And it’s spot-on for today as well. Cheers to all of you for knowing a good thing when you taste it.


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