Best Japanese Whiskey: Time To Grab It

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Out to discover the best Japanese whisky around? Same here. We’ll dive into a few options today, and you can begin your search if you haven’t already.

Our best advice? Try these, of course. But keep on looking and tasting and experiencing. Whiskey is a lifestyle, not a treasure hunt. The journey doesn’t end just because you find some gold. Wow, that sounds like something someone legit and famous might have said!

Feel free to quote us on that. Although, let’s be real: locating Japanese whiskey can be difficult… Anyway, let’s get it!

Best Japanese Whisky? Try These!

We love how they throw down in Japan. We have rules around what can be officially deemed “Bourbon” or “Scotch.” But across the Pacific, they adhere to this one: Japanese whiskey must be made in Japan. There ya go. Easy peasy.

So you get a wide variety with Japanese whiskey. They do some in-house blending voodoo magic, and we’re fans. Big fans!

Here’s a small list. Consider it your diving board into a big swimming pool. For a little more background info, check out Potluck’s “Look At a New Classic” video right here.


Best Japanese whiskey - Yamazaki 12-year old
Yamazaki 12-Year old – one of the bests of Japan

We’re going to start with the best Japanese whiskey icon. You see it pictured above, and you’ll see it pretty much anywhere that lends the powerful hand of Japanese pours. If you’re a newbie, welcome to the cult. If you’re a faithful follower, then cheers, brothers and sisters!

This one is fruit, spice, and everything nice. It’s subtle and smooth and worth every penny. Ask around! You’ll find that this beauty is the standard by which many others are measured. Interested in learning more? Watch this intense Common Man Cocktails Yamazaki 12-Year review video here!


Best Japanese whiskey - Hibiki-21-year old
Hibiki 21-Year Old – A global winner!

This is definitely a winner. It basically makes a statement wherever it goes, including the World Whiskies Awards. According to those folks (and us), it’s certainly one of the finest, most balanced blended whiskey options on the planet.

We’re encouraging you to go find a bottle. But at the same time, we’re saying, “Good luck finding a bottle.” Go for Hibiki Harmony if you see it instead. It’s honey, fruit, and flora. It’s also a bit more common than the age statement varieties.


Best Japanese whiskey - Nikka from the barrel.
Nikka from the barrel. – A whole new world of goodness.

This one is a fairly new deal in the States. Once again, it’s in high demand. Honestly, Japanese whiskey is in demand, on the whole. Just accept it. If you see a bottle, don’t delay. You might not see another very soon!

Anyhow, this 103-proof is a helluva good time. It’s a flavorful blend you won’t forget anytime soon. It definitely gives you that fiery burn, but then, you’re all warm and toasty again with notes of sweet toffee.

Speaking of sweet notes, how about some sour ones, too? Check out our recent article Transform Your Whiskey Sour Now [Recipes]. You can take your home bar (and guests) to the next level with these ideas.

Japanese Whisky, O How We Love Thee

We really do. Japan: send more. We promise to drink responsibly and passionately and…daily? Yeah, maybe. We certainly promise to appreciate the best Japanese whiskey we can find.

Here’s something else we can appreciate at the moment: Prestige’s handcrafted, handblown decanters and whiskey glasses. Your Japanese whiskey belongs in these. Nod your head in agreement. Yes. Yes, it does.

Thanks for sticking with us as we have some fun in whiskey town. Before you split, give us some of your Japanese whiskey favorites in the comments section below. We’re all growing together here. We’d love seeing your input and why you dig what you dig.


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