Best Rum for the Money [Unusually Good]

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Are you ready to hunt the hottest and best rum for the money? We know we are. Happy National Rum Day to you, and welcome to the tasty party! Today, we’ll serve up a few rum options for your birthday events, family gatherings, and holiday celebrations. It’s never too early to start planning a successful drinking experience. But let’s be clear: these bottles will be awesome for those spontaneous needs as well.

Spontaneous–as in, right now. National Rum Day, folks. Ready? Set. Rum!

Hottest Deals in Rum [All Under $50]

We’re offering you a variety here. You may be looking for a sipper or something amazing in your cocktail glass. Maybe you require a flavored rum. Perhaps you need to buy in bulk. Whatever the case, we’ve got some tips for what you should try. We’re out to find the most flavor for your money!

Tons of rums out there will claim they’re worthy of your admiration and cash. But for us, there are some standouts. That’s why we’re here right now. Look for these bottles and know that you’re getting something special, unique, and delicious with each one.

By the way, for more rum selections and a craft cocktail to try, read 7 Mighty Types of Rum on our blog. We interview one of our favorite enthusiasts, Giulio. We think you’ll enjoy the quick read.

Best Rum for the Money [Around $30 and $50]

Brugal 1888 | $48.99

Brugal 1888 | $48.99
A Cute Bottle of Brugal 1888 | $48.99

You’ll also find this pick in our Astonishingly Best Rum to Drink Straight article. We just can’t get enough. And it’s right here as well for a reason. Why? Because it’s a great deal. And this pour floods us with joy. It truly is an outstanding bang for your buck. Drop fifty dollars or less on this beauty, and you’re in your happy place immediately.

It’s a crowd-pleaser. And it’s certainly a bottle you can impress your friends with. Show up to the party with this in hand, and they’ll be clapping and thanking you. It’s dry and surprising. Somehow, it achieves unbelievable warmth and sweetness without feeling super heavy. We give it our highest recommendation for the money.

Duquesne Blanc | $29.99

Best Rum For The Money - Duquesne Blanc | $29.99
Plain Bottle of Duquesne Blanc | $29.99

This one doesn’t quite fit into the lower price point below. But it’s still a marvelous steal. Rhum Agricole, y’all! If you’re looking for one to drink straight, this one might blow your mind (and mouth). Oh, it’s earthy. It’s powerful. The New York Times called it “pleasingly primal.” Its detractors have described it as straight motor oil. Others say it’s “grassy and vegetal.”

It’ll take your breath away on its own. But it’s ideal for making some kick-ass cocktails. Follow our Prestige bartender @prestigedecanters to watch him work! The cocktail we’re recommending is similar to an Old Fashioned but with the Agricole instead. Click here to see Cocktail Chemistry’s Ti Punch. They present two versions you might try at home. Both are divine!

Best Rum for the Money [Around $20 and $25]

Plantation Original Dark | $23.99

Best Rum For The Money - Plantation Original Dark
Plantation Original Dark | $23.99

We’ve actually seen it as low as fifteen bucks! It’s madness. Some folks love it for that simple classic rum and Coke. We’ve heard many people swear by it as their daily sipper, though. Drink it neat or with a little water. We dig it. For the money, it has some layers you’ll treasure.

It’s quality for very little cost, in our opinion. Spicy and smoky! A Caribbean blend you need in your bar. It’s a staple for us. If you can get your hands on one of their anniversary bottles, go for it. They’re usually around $50.

Aluna Coconut | $24.99

Aluna Coconut
Cute Bottle of Aluna Coconut | $24.99

It’s light and creamy. And people, that is rare when it comes to coconut rums. They’re usually sickly sweet. Not the case here. Organic coconut water brings that signature tropical flavor we long for, but without all the sugar. Bravo!

Take your piña colada to an all-time high with this pick. It’s also terrific to sip neat or over ice. Whatever you prefer. We just know that this booze-y beaut is a gem among flavored rums. Poolside, beachside, fireside, side-by-side–wherever you are, pull up a chair for Aluna.

Kirkland Signature Spiced Rum | $19.99

Kirkland Signature Spiced Rum
Kirkland Signature Spiced Rum | $19.99

This isn’t a sponsored Costco post, you guys. We’re just saying: don’t let the brand deter you. You may think “luxury” when you consider rum. On National Rum Day, we’re simply thinking “party.” And we’re saying reach for this bottle. It delivers. It’s 92 proof, so it’s no joke among the spiced rum competition. Read a little more about the rum at Thrillist.

Mix it in your cocktails, or enjoy all that cinnamon and clove neat. Or on the rocks. Whatever you like. This will make a great addition to your liquor collection. And at this price point, it certainly deserves its spot in our best rum for the money list. In fact, we can’t imagine this article being written without mentioning it. Next time you’re shopping, put it in your cart. Make it happen.

Worried about displaying this bottle at your bar? Simple answer: don’t. Decanters help your guests focus on flavor instead of a label. And that’s the best way to enjoy spirits.

Rum Is Making Some Cool Noise

Can you hear it? Loud and clear?

For a long time, rum didn’t have a great reputation. But it’s back and better than ever. Beautiful corners of the world are experimenting and bringing flair to a time-honored tradition. And the best rum for the money is awaiting you. Get out there and find the rum-love of your life.

What’s the best rum for the money you’ve ever bought? Tell us in the comments below. Our Prestige community benefits greatly when you contribute.

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Keep exploring the world of rum. It has an unforgettable, magical voice all its own: a haunting melody we just can’t shake.


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