Blood Oath Bourbon Review

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The problem with writing a Blood Oath Bourbon Review is that choosing just one bottle is incredibly difficult. We have to go with a cold reason to pick which one of its fantastic collections to talk about.

Since Luxco has released a new Blood Oath Pact No. every year since 2015 (created by John E. Remp), that cold reason leaves us to focus this Blood Oath Bourbon review on their latest addition to this collection: Pact No. 5.

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Blood Oath Bourbon Review

All told, Blood Oath Pact No. 5 is a blend of three different bourbons. It’s a 13-year mahogany rye, an 11-year silky wheated bourbon, and an 8-year bourbon that, interestingly, was finished in Carribean Rum barrels.

Of these three unnamed bourbons, that last one is perhaps the most noteworthy for Pact No. 5’s blend because it leaves such a mark on the palate and finish. Blood Oath Pact No. 5 is light on the nose with bits of blueberry that come through more and more as it opens up.

The palate has flavors of sugar and spice that come with being aged in a rum barrel, so that rum flavor is very noticeable here. For those of you who want to open up the flavor just a bit more, and lighten the pour, a few drops of water will help. The finish is long, strong, and sweet with those notes of sugar, raisins, and Caribbean rum.

On the whole, it opens up well, which makes it a great option for a shareable drink. Blood Oath Pact No. 5 leaves you wanting to let it open up, which encourages more conversation and mingling. This is a 98.6 proof bottle that you can find for about $100. It’s the fifth run of this series and may be hard to find in some areas.

Blood Oath Bourbon Review Pictures from the Enthusiasts on IG

Every good review is backed up by consensus. Take a minute to check out these IG creators and what they have to say in their Blood Oath Bourbon Reviews. Which Pact do you suppose is the crowd favorite?

@nevernotneat asks how Pact No. 5 is treating you?

By @nevernotneat
Blood Oath Bourbon | Image credit: @nevernotneat

“There’s a whole lot of awesomeness in this pic! Cheers!” – @nevernotneat

Lots of opinions from @thewhiskylife

Blood Oath Bourbon review by
Blood Oath Bourbon | Image credit: @thewhiskylife

“There’s still a few Blood Oath Pact 4’s out there floating around. I know there are lots of mixed reviews on Pact 5, but I thought the nose and palate was a nice change of pace with the rum finish. I haven’t popped the cork on the 4 yet, but for folks that have tried it how does it compare to the other releases in the series?” – @thewhiskylife

@the_brothers_bourbon asks if there are Any Blood Oath Bourbon fans out there

Blood Oath Bourbon review
Blood Oath Bourbon | Image credit: @the_brothers_bourbon

“Any Blood Oath Bourbon fans out there? Just added pact 3 and pact 4 to the collection. Which pact is your favorite?” – @the_brothers_bourbon

@bourbonlens hails the Pact 5

Blood Oath Bourbon review
Blood Oath Bourbon Pact 5 | Image credit: @bourbonlens

“As the harvest begins and the weather in Kentucky finally changes this Luxrow Distillers’ Blood Oath Pact 5 makes for a great sipper by a bonfire!” – @bourbonlens

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