Bourbon and Cigars: 3 Epic Pairings to Try

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Bourbon alone is a grand adventure. But some would argue that bourbon and cigars make for the perfect experience. We have to agree that a good pour and a cigar are epic together. Today, we’ll look at the regular, sweet, and special options that we hope you’ll try and love. Of course, we’re not going this journey alone. We like to include our bourbon fam where we can.

We’re excited to welcome our bourbon and cigar enthusiast, Evan Haskill. Follow him @evanhaskill now! Haskill is a freelancer for The ABV Network and the New Orleans Bourbon Festival, and he runs a fantastic Instagram feed. We thank Evan for these pairings and, of course, admire his ever-evident passion for America’s native spirit.

Bourbon and Cigars: Greater than the sum of their parts

“Your favorite cigar and your favorite bourbon will be an enjoyable experience.”

Regular Option for Bourbon and Cigar Pairing:

Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Corona & Evan Williams White Label Bottled-in-Bond


Bourbon and Cigars - Drew and Evan

Drew and Evan, nice to meet you. [Photo cred: @evanhaskill]

Evan asks a good question: “Why not take your daily smoker and your daily drinker, and pair them up?” While these do go well together, he says that this is not necessarily a pairing recommendation. Mainly, Haskill encourages all of us when he says, “Don’t be afraid to take your favorite bourbon and your favorite cigar and pair them up!” He notes that there are certain pairings that will, in fact, knock your socks off. But if you want to keep things simple for an everyday pairing, just roll with your standbys.

Sweet Option for Bourbon and Cigar Pairing:

Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba & Silverback Distillery Blackback Honey Rye


“This is dessert in every way.”

Bourbon and Cigars - Kuba and Honey

It’s time for some Kuba Kuba. And honey, hunny. [Photo cred: @evanhaskill]

Haskill says, “The Kuba Kuba coats your lips in sugary splendor, and the Honey Rye coats your throat with a beautiful, viscous honey.” He continues, “They combine for an experience that could convince a non-smoker, non-imbiber to pair up and join you on the porch.” Being the Kentucky folk that we are, we definitely approve of cigars, bourbon, and porch sitting. Yes, sir.

Special Idea for Bourbon and Cigar Pairing:

Pappy and Co. Churchill & Old Rip Van Winkle 10-Year-Old Bourbon


“Van Winkle paired with a Van Winkle.”

Bourbon and Cigars - Van Winkle with Van Winkle

We like the way Haskill says it: Van Winkle with Van Winkle. [Photo cred: @evanhaskill]

Evan tells us, “The bourbon is tough to find, but the most attainable of the Van Winkle lineup. The Pappy Churchill is always available at Pappy and Co. but is a treat none the less.” For some tasting notes, Haskill says, “The Old Rip is rich and spicy for a wheater at a good proof, and the Pappy Churchill is a light/medium cigar with a fair complexity and bourbon familiarity that doesn’t overwhelm. Instead, it complements the special pour.” We’re sold.

Enjoy It All in Style

Bourbon and cigars make for a tasty, memorable experience. But, do you know what would take it all to the next level? Our whiskey glasses. Prestige products are handcrafted. We believe in quality liquor, quality cigars, and quality, classy containers for your drinking pleasure!

Before you go, check out our online shop. Also, read more about bourbon in our recent article Bourbon for Beginners: Dig the Spirit of the USA.  Then pitch us your own favorite bourbon and cigar pairings in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

Happy drinkin’ and smokin’, bourbon fans!


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