Canadian Whiskey Reviews You Can’t Ignore

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Curious about Canadian whiskey, eh? Don’t know where to begin, eh? Okay. Enough with the eh’s. What you need are some no-nonsense Canadian whiskey reviews.  We’re here for you, Prestige fam. Seriously. This is about to blow your whiskey-loving mind.

We’re digging around today to bring you some reviews you can depend on. We hope you’re as excited as we are. The Canadian whiskey realms have some wonderful bottles to behold, so let’s behold them right now, shall we?

We couldn’t do this blog without talking with our Canadian brand ambassador @northern_bourbon. Stay tuned for his pick below! And follow him on Instagram for more recommendations. Give these other enthusiasts a follow as well. We love their passion for the whiskey game!

What’s Up with Canadian Whiskey?

What sets Canadian whiskey apart (other than the fact that it’s made in Canada)? Why should we try it every chance we get? Well, the Canadians keep it simple. It’s not like remembering the bourbon rules. Here’s the rundown:

  • Canadian whiskey and Canada rye whiskey are pretty much the same things. Folks use them interchangeably, in fact.
  • More than likely, you’re sipping corn as the main ingredient. We’re down with that kind of thing over here in Louisville.
  • These bottles have to be mashed, distilled and aged a minimum of 3 years — all in Canada.
  • The barrels have to be wooden. That’s it. That’s the rule. Keeping it simple, y’all.
  • It’s usually blended down from its high alcohol content.
  • Artificial flavoring and caramel coloring are permitted.
  • When it’s bottled, it must be at least 40 percent ABV.

Canadian Whiskey Reviews: 8 Bottles to Explore

We spell it “whiskey” with an E down south. Our Canadian crew spells it “whisky.” Either way, you get the point. What’s important is that we’re tasting what’s out there. And learning more and more about whiskey all the time.

Join us as we discover eight Canadian whiskey reviews and bottles to respect and love. Newbies, especially–we want you to know these names when you see them. And we’re passing along some quotes that should help you choose what you like.

We’ve listed them alphabetically. It’s your job to try them and rank them for yourself! You’ll find the approximate price points and proofs below, as well. Good luck with selecting a bottle or two. Or all of them. There’s something for every palate (and wallet) here.

Screenshot these bottles and start looking out for them!

1)  Alberta Rye Dark Batch

Alberta Rye Dark Batch Review | Canadian Whiskey Reviews
Alberta Rye Dark Batch | ~ $28.99 | 90 PROOF

“A blend like Alberta Rye Dark Batch could only be pulled off by the masters of the craft. Rethink blends.”@whiskiesoftheworld

“If you see it, grab it. It’s the best rye you’ll find for $25 a bottle.”@illustrated_dom

Not gonna lie. Here at Prestige, we love a Manhattan with Alberta Rye Dark Batch. It’s special.

2) Canadian Mist

Canadian Mist Review
Canadian Mist | ~ $8.99 | 80 PROOF

“This whisky is a bit sweet, like a candy corn taste. A little more alcohol taste than most Canadian whiskey, but still good for $7.99.” – @thewhiskeyhero

“Sweet caramel and butterscotch with some candied orange notes. Not something I’d want to sip neat again, but will work well in cocktails.” – @biruski

3) Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel

Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel | Canadian Whiskey Reviews
Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel | ~ $46.99 | 103 PROOF

“It has an intense flavor from the Coffey Rye, with notes of vanilla and oak. It’s from a single barrel rather than the normal blends. This may be my favorite Crown yet.” @craftbeerandwhisky

“Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel is one of the richest… With aromas of maple and vanilla that give way to tropical fruit and clove, this delicious sipper has a silky mouthfeel and a warm, spicy finish… This whisky is a high-rye mash bill of 64% corn, 31.5% rye, and 4.5% malted barley… Bourbon drinkers, you’ll appreciate this one!” @redwagon_troy

4) Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve

Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve Review
Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve | ~ $56.99 | 80 PROOF

“Overall, this tastes like what it is: Forty Creek Barrel Select with a stronger bourbon influence, no sherry notes, and more mature oak flavors. It’s a very well done whiskey that, while having some stronger flavors, comes off as being quite delicate. As always, I think I’d prefer this with a little more alcohol to really capitalize on those bourbon cask flavors. For fans of Forty Creek, I definitely recommend checking this one out!” @d.northrup85

5) JP Wiser’s 18 Year

JP Wiser’s 18 Year Review
JP Wiser’s 18 Year | ~ $56.99 | 80 PROOF

“Well, an 18-year-old Canadian whisky is a quite exceptional bottling. Definitely worth trying it! Nevertheless, a few percent ABV more wouldn’t have been wrong. Cheers!” @childofbodom696

The nose is not terribly expressive, but there’s some discernible light vanilla custard aroma along with a touch of orange peel. The palate is light and charming with more vanilla, toffee, and spice. Even though this finishes a tad hot, I can’t help but think this whisky would benefit from a higher proof bottling. The finish is long and smooth and does indeed show mature wood flavors, but is not exactly complex.” @drinkdistiller

6) Lot 40 12 Year Cask Strength

Lot 40 12 Year Cask Strength Review
Lot 40 12 Year Cask Strength | ~ $69.99 | 110 PROOF

“This particular bottle is one that really put Canadian whisky back in the forefront of global acceptance,” says @northern_bourbon.

He goes on…

“I’m very proud to have such an incredible whisky come out of Canada, so much so that we’ll boast it’s as good as–if not better than, in my opinion–some of the top rye whiskies coming out from the biggest players in the game.”

7) The Masterson’s Straight Rye 10 Year

Masterson’s Straight Rye 10 Year Review
Masterson’s Straight Rye 10 Year | ~ $77.99 | 90 PROOF

“A surprisingly full-bodied nose. The palate is well-rounded rye. A great peppery burn at 45 percent ABV.”@dramtacular

“Masterson’s 10 Year Straight Rye did not disappoint! Very smooth with unique flavors that would not typically associate with rye.” – @whisky_n_blades

8) Pike Creek Port Barrel Finish

Pike Creek Port Barrel Finish | Canadian Whiskey Reviews
Pike Creek Port Barrel Finish | ~ $33.99 | 80 PROOF

“… A full, robust spirit with notes of dried fruit, pepper, vanilla, and toffee on the palate, with a warm, smooth finish.” @libertyonmass

“I like the hint of honey aftertaste. It wasn’t overpowering, a perfect blend. I would buy this whiskey again!”@the_bourbon_king7

More Your Canadian Whiskey Reviews

We want more Canadian whiskey reviews right here! Leave us your selection in the comments below. Tell us why you love your pick(s). We’d enjoy hearing about what you enjoy most. It helps our Prestige community grow.

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It’s always a pleasure to give you guys some whiskey tips. We hope you’ll dive into the Canadian whiskey world (if you haven’t already). Our northern neighbors are doing great things in the industry. We applaud them. And we’ll certainly keep celebrating all their good work right here in Kentucky!


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