Corn Whiskey: The 3 Classy, Cheap Bottles

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Curious about corn whiskey? Here is the skinny, plus three recommendations you should be able to secure and experience for yourself. With a corn whiskey, you’re looking at a mash bill of at least 80 percent corn. It’s American. And it can be aged in either used oak barrels or uncharred ones. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be aged at all.

It’s got a whiskey swagger all its own. Some look at it as the legal form of moonshine. And if you’re wondering whether the same recipe can yield both a corn whiskey and bourbon whiskey, the answer is yes. But they can’t be classified as both. Anyway, let’s do this thing.

3 Corn Whiskey Recommendations

When we’re thinking lots of corn, we’re often dreaming of bourbon. We get that. Trust us. We like how Heaven Hill puts it: corn whiskey is “the forerunner and kissing cousin to bourbon.” The basics. The root. In the family for sure.

If you’re really wanting to learn about all things whiskey, you’ve got to (GOT TO!) try some corn whiskey. You don’t have to love it. You just have to give it a whirl. And possibly love it.

1) Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey

Corn whiskey -  by Heaven Hill
Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey by Heaven Hill | $13.99; 80 Proof.

Have a pour from Heaven Hill, why don’t ya? We’re offering this one up for the whiskey drinker who thinks they’ve had it all. Also, for the kids who grew up around the ‘shine.

(Also-also, for the folks who’ve seen it on the local liquor store shelf and are curious. It’s inexpensive. Why the hell not? Some will tell you exactly why the hell not. But this is your palate. Test it. You decide.)

We’re spoiled with the luxury of new oak, char, and age these days. Hallelujah and amen. But for the gals and pals who used to need whiskey and need it in a hurry, y’all, we feel you. We respect you. Truly. We can get down with that kind of immediacy out of necessity. We can celebrate it, even. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The Georgia Moon jar/paper label tells you like it is: less than 30 days old. Newborn status!

2) Mellow Corn Whiskey

Corn whiskey - by Heaven Hill
Mellow Corn Whiskey by Heaven Hill | $14.99; 100 Proof @evanhaskill

This just in from the one and only Evan Haskill: “Mellow Corn is as good as anything. BiB corn whiskey, yo!” It’s 90 percent corn. And it’s way more than 30 days old, obviously–given its “Mellow” title and that it’s Bottled in Bond.

Even if you can’t sip these corns neat, it’s not a waste. Try them with some simple syrup and mint. Load it up with ice. Boom, you’ve got a new sort of julep on your hands. You may think our Kentucky mamas raised us better. But they didn’t. We like experimenting. And we’ll try anything. Any Derby snobbery you thought you’d find, it’s not here.

3) Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky

Corn whiskey -  by Balcones Distillery
Balcones Baby Blue by Balcones Distillery | $39.99; 92 Proof @bourbontraveler

Everything is bigger in Texas, they say. This roasted heirloom blue corn does not disappoint. It’s unique, it’s big flavor, and it’s a must-try.

Justin Nierengarten made Baby Blue his first and foremost, singular pick when he visited Balcones in Waco, TX. You can hear more about his travels and favorites in our article Best Craft Distilleries: See America’s Top 10. We highly recommend the read.

Corn Born

Being the bourbon lovers we are, we had to make a nod to corn whiskey, where our usual 51 percent has to be 80 percent. What is your favorite corn whiskey pour? Share it with us below. We’d love to try it ourselves.

Looking for a way to mix things up this weekend? Try some corn whiskey out on your friends. If you feel you can’t successfully share it in the bottle, we have a solution. Blind, classy tasting! Our unique handcrafted decanters and whiskey glasses make any tasting experience extra special.

Ultimately, may we all–every day–remember corn and the beauty it brings to the world.


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