David Nicholson Reserve Review

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This David Nicholson Reserve review tells the story of one of the longest-lasting family legacies in bourbon. It all began in a small private room in the back of a grocery store somewhere around N. 6th St. in St. Louis, Missouri.

The store owner, David Nicholson, developed the “43” bourbon recipe which has been passed down and passed on, “unchanged, unfettered, and unmatched,” since its creation. It even won the Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 1843. That’s a bourbon with history. 

David Nicholson Reserve and 1843 Review

Let’s dive into our review of David Nicholson’s Reserve and 1843.

1843 is the original recipe as created by David Nichols and passed down since. This is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey at 100 proof that you’ll find for around $29. It’s perfect for a Mint Julep or Old Fashioned (scroll down the page).

After opening the bottle, you’ll find a wheated whiskey with smoky overtones. Somewhere in the middle, you’ll pick up that honey, butter, and vanilla that make it so perfect for an Old Fashioned. The 1843 finishes with a return to those smoky overtones and oak barrel.

David Nicholson’s Reserve, on the other hand, is a high-rye sourced whiskey at 100 proof with no age statement and an undisclosed mash bill and distillery location. You can find a bottle of David Nicholson Reserve for about $35.

The Reserve is heavy on its barrel spices which nearly out-muscle its caramel and vanilla tones. You may or may not find a hint of floral notes reminiscent of Four Roses, but this may depend upon your personal palate. The finish is short but deep in barrel spices and pecans.

David Nicholson Reserve Review from Enthusiasts on IG

Both the Reserve and 1843 are worth your attention. These bottles make the perfect addition to any aficionado’s cabinet for those times when you want a straight whiskey to share, or something mixable. If you’re worried about changing whiskeys in your decanter, here’s how to clean your decanter

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An expert’s review from @indianbourbon

David Nicholson Reserve paired with McKenna Bottled-in-Bond
David Nicholson Reserve paired with McKenna Bottled-in-Bond | Image credit: @indianabourbon

“In a time and market where everyone’s in a frenzy over Henry McKenna (another award winner and very good in its own right) grab yourself the often overlooked but not overrated David Nicholson Reserve and let us know what you think!” – @indianbourbon

A treat for @frank_sumatra

By @frank_sumatra
David Nicholson Reserve (paired with cigar) | Image credit: @frank_sumatra

“Sleeping at home is a special occasion so I gotta treat myself [to]Rocky Patel 20th Maduro and David Nicholson Reserve.” – @frank_sumatra

Enjoy this with a “buddy”

David Nicholson Reserve and 1843
David Nicholson Reserve and 1843 | Image credit: @tammyhtan

“Enjoying some bourbon with my whiskey buddy. Got him the 1843 and got… [me] the reserve.” – @tammyhtan

@alice.in.whiskyland Calls it a Spirit Lifter

David Nicholson 1843 review
David Nicholson 1843 | Image credit: @alice.in.whiskeyland

“What do you think of this one? I’ve been eyeing a bottle hidden away on a shelf for a while.” – @lumpy196

The short finish

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