Decanter Set: Every Whiskey Lover’s Dream Gift

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Shopping for a whiskey decanter set? The whiskey lover in your life is going to completely fall for these beauties. In this mini gift guide, we’ll show you our top picks. We’ll also give you some tips on creating the perfect custom set for that special someone (or for yourself)!

Create Your Own Whiskey Decanter Set (Complete with Whiskey Glasses)

Here are a couple of tips for choosing the best whiskey decanter set. Think about personality, and remember that how you serve a drink says a lot about you. Don’t forget to consider the decor in a certain space. Where will the drink be served? Which option best complements the interior design?

Globe Whiskey Decanter Set (with Globe Whiskey Glasses)

Decanter Set - Prestige etched globe liquor decanter with 4 matching whiskey glasses.
Prestige etched globe glass liquor and wine decanter set (paired with 4 matching whiskey glasses).

Super classy and unique, this set is great for the traveler, educator, or all-out adventurous spirit in your life. We think you’ll dig the tilted globe decanter and the whiskey glasses that tilt (and spin) as well. This whiskey decanter set makes sharing pours a pure pleasure. You’ll feel on top of the world with this one!

Golf Ball Decanter Set (with Golf Ball Shaped Whiskey Glasses)

Decanter Set - Prestige golf ball liquor decanter with 2 matching whiskey glasses.
Prestige golf ball glass liquor and wine decanter set (paired with 2 matching whiskey glasses).

For those guys and gals out there who love the green more than anything, we present the best whiskey decanter set for golfers. After the back nine, what’s better than celebrating with your golf fam, toasting to the finest sport around? This elegant decanter is a hole in one, and these sleek matching whiskey glasses keep the fun going well into the evening.

Diamond Shaped Glass Decanter (with Diamond Shaped Whiskey Glasses)

Decanter Set - Prestige diamond shaped liquor decanter with 2 matching whiskey glasses.
Prestige diamond shaped glass liquor and wine decanter set (paired with 2 matching whiskey glasses).

They tell us that diamonds are forever, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. As long as they’re holding whiskey, that’s what really counts. This sophisticated decanter and accompanying upright/tilting whiskey glasses are straight quality. They bring an element of class to any bar top or office. These were handcrafted for moments big and small because there’s always a reason to raise your glass.

Check out a few more options for a whiskey decanter set in our online shop here!

Customization: Engraving the Decanter

Decanter Set - Prestige decanters custom engravings.
Customizable prestige diamond shaped glass liquor and wine decanter (with custom engravings).

To personalize your decanter even more, you can select up to two lines of custom metal plate engraving (pictured above). Retirement, college graduation, and anniversary names and dates are common additions. Commemorate the life and times of your loved one or yourself.

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Browse our site and give us your favorite decanter and glasses combo in the comments below. We like hearing from our Prestige community. Until next time… cheers!


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Each decanter is handcrafted and hand-blown, formed into designs limited only by imagination. We never skip steps to cut costs either. Instead, our decanters are made the hard way because quality takes effort and that’s what you deserve. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your home bar or shopping for something elegant for that special loved one, our decanters are always a timeless gift. If you're searching for style, inspired craftsmanship, and a transformative piece of art that also elevates the flavor profile of your favorite wines and spirits, look no further.

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