5 Hot DIY Bar Top Ideas You’ll Love

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We love these DIY bar top ideas. We think you’ll be inspired. And who knows? You might very soon gear up for one of these bar top projects yourself! Whatever the case, we wish you well with your home bar, kitchen counter, or man cave/she-shed watering hole.

DIY Bar Top Ideas to Consider

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1) DIY Penny Bar Top

DIY Penny Bar Top
Screenshot from Take A Crack At It. See how to create the penny bar top here!

Whether you’re a coin collector or not, you have to admit this bar top looks cool. That copper flair really adds character! Though this project takes a while, it’s worth it in the end. You’ll have a serving area you can be proud of. You don’t have to place pennies at random. Search the web or dream up your own designs. You can create patterns, team logos, etc.

2) DIY Bottle Cap Bar Top

DIY Bottle Cap Bar Top
Screenshot from Bar Top Epoxy. Check out this video to see how it’s done!

Maybe you’ve been holding onto bottle caps for years. Maybe you want to start. You’ll need quite a few (thousands, perhaps) to make this project happen, depending on the size of your bar. Many people mix and match all the colors. It’s an awesome conversation piece in a home bar or kitchen. People enjoy seeing their favorite breweries and brands lining the counter.

If you browse the Internet for ideas, you’ll see sports teams’ logos and other sweet designs. Get inspired before you start your DIY bar top. You might decide to do something classic, whimsical, or even humorous.

One of the best designs we saw was a rainbow effect with the caps grouped by color. Work your way down the bar top color after color. Pretty soon, you’ll have beautiful, vibrant stripes.

3) DIY Cork Bar Top

Cork Top
Photo from The Handy Homemaker. Read how to make this yourself here!

If you’ve been hoarding corks, now it’s time to use them. Some of you may need to tell your friends you’re collecting these for a project. But isn’t this stunning? It’s somehow both rustic and luxurious. It’s wine country and sophistication, yet it’s fun and super charming. We think more bar tops should look like this one.

You could certainly tweak the cork arrangement. But this pattern is an amazing option. Wouldn’t glasses of glimmering wine look terrific atop this beauty?

4) Concrete Bar Top

DIY Concrete Bar Top
Screenshot from The Decorative Concrete Channel by SolCrete. If you like this idea, click here to watch a how-to video.

If you have more of an industrial or modern farmhouse style, go for concrete. The color is great. And the surface is eye-catching, for sure. This can be a wonderful accent piece in any room. You’ll have to pay attention to the details, though. It’s not an easy process. Leveling the concrete can be difficult, but it’s a huge payoff.

5) Live-Edge Wooden Bar Top

Live-Edge Wooden Bar Top
Screenshot from Home RenoVision DIY. See the video to learn how to make your own!

There’s no denying this live-edge bar top is a masterpiece. The natural look goes great with almost any interior design or style. Bring nature indoors! Create a cozy nook for you, your family, and your friends. We can almost guarantee you’ll have compliments on this wooden DIY bar top every time you invite people over.

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Let Us Hear From You!

Which DIY bar top is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Do you have any other ideas for bar tops? Our Prestige community thanks you in advance for sharing.

Again, if you want to see some more DIY projects, read our articles Whiskey Barrel Bar and DIY Bourbon Barrel Floor Ideas!

We wish you all the best on your future project. Be safe, drink in style, and party on, folks.


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