DIY Wine Bottle & Liquor Bottle: 5 Bright Ideas You’d Love

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Searching for some DIY wine bottle and liquor bottle ideas to make a statement in your home or yard? Your inspiration begins here! Keep reading for a project that could be exactly what you had in mind for your front porch, back deck, home bar, kitchen, or sunroom!

DIY Wine Bottle and Liquor Bottle Inspiration


1) Birdfeeders


DIY Wine Bottle / Liquor Bottle - Bird-feeders

Bring all the birds to your yard with this DIY bird-feeder! [Photo Credit: @samtopiea]

Now, this is something to tweet about. How gorgeous is this upturned Jack Daniel’s liquor bottle birdfeeder? It’s like a bar for your feathery friends. You can also make one of these using a wine bottle! And if you’re foregoing seed and bringing on the red nectar, use your bottles to make a hummingbird feeder. Those speedy flyers think it’s always happy hour!

2) Lamps


DIY Wine Bottle / Liquor Bottle - Lamplight

Lamplight has never looked so good! [Photo Credit: @therobcompany]

Nothing adds flair to your home bar or lounge quite like a DIY wine bottle or liquor bottle lamp. If this isn’t a conversation starter, nothing will ever be. You can keep these pretty simple, or you can spend an entire weekend designing an original work of art. It’s up to you! We hope you dig the liquor lamp pictured above but check out these wine bottle lamp ideas, too.

Go to our blog article “Penny Bar Countertop: Your Next DIY Project” for more home bar inspiration. Your lamp will look amazing on a penny bar alongside some of Prestige Decanters’ handcrafted whiskey glasses, don’t you think?

3) Another Lamp Idea


Are the holidays ever really over? We don’t think so. Drink on. [Photo Credit: @wineladyco]

For something a bit easier than the previous lamp project, check out this DIY wine bottle or liquor bottle “lamp.” It can be made in a flash as you’re getting ready for a party or maybe a romantic evening.  Or use it as a simple way to add some character to your bar area. Just grab some holiday lights, and you’re set. If you want to take this idea to another level (literally), check out these overhead versions and more!

4) Tiki Torch


DIY Wine Bottle / Liquor Bottle - Tiki Torch

We’re starting a campaign: All tiki torches must be this awesome. [Photo Credit: @nerdbabesinc]

Okay, so if you’re trying to make your patio, pergola, and pool space an area to remember, then these have to happen, right? Turn off the overhead lights, and let your DIY wine bottle and/or liquor bottle tiki torches work their magic under the stars. Whatever you do, don’t toss those bottles. Give them a renewed sense of purpose! We love the one pictured above, but you’ll also want to browse these wine bottle torches.

And while we’re on the subject of fire and bottles, how about this Prestige Decanters Canon Wine Bottle Holder? Has 18th-century weaponry ever looked so good?

5) Soap Dispenser


DIY Wine Bottle / Liquor Bottle- Soap Dispenser

You guys: your guest bathroom needs this, like, yesterday. [Photo Credit: @bottled_co]

What about a liquor bottle soap dispenser on your whiskey barrel sink? (Okay, so this weekend DIY project maybe just turned into a longer project if you don’t already have a whiskey barrel sink…) Who knew washing your hands could be this much fun, though? Wow, your guests with this or a wine bottle version. And add these to your kitchen sinks as well. Bottles, bottles everywhere!

DIY Bottles and Beyond

We hope you’ll try at least one of these DIY projects, but maybe you can see yourself attempting all of them. Take your home and yard up a few notches with these brilliant repurposing ideas. We’re rooting for you!

Don’t forget to shop our online store for incredible decanters at an incredible value! In this case, you can leave the craftsmanship to us.  We’ll deliver a product that will take your breath away.

Party (and drink) on, DIY enthusiasts! We’re glad you’re part of our Prestige Decanters community. What are some of your favorite wine and liquor bottle DIY projects? Share them with us below.


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