Fantasy Football Championship Trophy Appeal

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Do you have your Fantasy Football championship trophy yet? “Trophy?” you ask. That’s right. If you don’t have a trophy, you’re half-assing it. Sorry to be blunt like this, but it’s just the facts. Football is classic. Trophies are classic. Sure, cash is fun. Sure, loser punishments are fun. But a trophy is where it’s at. We’ll tell you why.

Your league is missing something without a championship award. And we’re not talking about some cheap, golden-plastic crap. We’re talking about a legit trophy. A trophy that rivals the Lombardi Beast.

10 Reasons You Need a Prestige Fantasy Football Championship Trophy NOW

Let’s get to it, shall we? Take notes. This needs to be in your league game plan.

1. A trophy is the ultimate bragging right

No one can argue with a trophy. When you hoist it above your head, you are the champion. And you’re the champion until another one is a crowned. It’s a sweet deal. It’s a year’s worth of in-your-face cold, hard, trophy truth.

2. It’s the only Fantasy Football decor you need at your draft party

Place a beauty like the one below in the center of your living room, basement, dining area, home bar, wherever–and it’s all you need to get emotions running high. It’s glimmering under the lights. Folks are drooling. Eyes on the prize, people. Eyes on the prize.

Personal Trophy
Personal Fantasy Football Championship Trophy Decanter

3. Your winning greatness is engraved for the rest of your life

Come what may, your winning season can be a monument of glory and permanence. Even if you only have one championship under your belt, it’s one more trophy than the rest of the losers in your league. Let the win live on! With Prestige, let us know what you’d like to see. We’ll make it happen. We’re all about a personalized experience.

4. What the frick? The fantasy football championship trophy is a booze-holding decanter? Hell to the yes

Sign up here, folks. You’re in the right place. Make this Fantasy Football championship trophy your league’s today. You saw (and read) that correctly up above. Just when you thought a classic trophy was cool, retro, and awesome… we added alcohol to the mix. Which you do anyway, right?

In our Prestige league here in Louisville, we keep ours full. Bourbon, always. And if the winner lets it run dry–oh, we’re talking point-deductions come next season. It’s unacceptable. Being the Fantasy league’s hero comes with great responsibility. The winner doesn’t always have to buy, but they damn sure better let the crew know when supplies are running low. Demand is high.

5. You can make last year’s fantasy football championship trophy holder cough it up

This is one of the finest moments you can experience. The moment last year’s winner has to cough up the goods. If you play with our Perpetual Fantasy Football Championship Trophy Decanter, you’ll understand what we mean.

It’s the winner’s responsibility to take care of this baby for a full year. They get their name and the year engraved there. They show it off every chance imaginable. It’s there in the room every Sunday. They even break it out Thursday – Saturday for the college games. Always, always there. Staring at you. Reminding you that they’re the winner. And you’re not.

Prestige Pertual Championship Decanter
Perpetual Fantasy Football Championship Trophy Decanter

But they also have to relinquish it on judgment day. And they need to clean it for the Fantasy ‘Ship! It needs to be dazzling for the new king or queen of the league. Perpetual styles are fun.  It’s a legacy that travels. It holds good memories. It’s your league’s literal holy grail.

6. The ultimate loser is the “ultimate boozer”

We love this rule. (We love Fantasy punishments in general.) Loser has to purchase a spectacular bottle for the winner. Our Fantasy Football trophies are decanters, people. They need to be filled with love. Like the winner’s heart.

We suggest having another party where the loser has to fill up the Decanter trophy for the winner. It’s symbolic. It’s soul-sucking. Seriously, it’s everything we love about Fantasy. For more punishment ideas, check out this video.

Looking for something special to fill your trophy decanter with? Check out one of our favorite articles Rye vs Bourbon: See the New Deal.

7. It can be your mascot. Your lucky charm. Your “league child”

Rub it for luck. Talk to it. Cradle it. Just respect it. It’s a thing of true beauty. It belongs to the league, the community, the crew, the gang. Name it. Revere it. Love it like your baby. Battle for it. Win it.

8. Fantasy football championship trophy as a decanter is pure magic

You heard us. Look into this magical crystal football. See your future. Understand who should ride the bench this week. Its powers are mighty. Especially within. If you’ve got some fine whiskey winking back at you, have a pour. You’ll know more. Trust us. It’s just how it works.

9. You can still get a cash prize with this trophy

This trophy isn’t going to require you to take out a league loan. Everyone can still chip in the usual. Or, you may need to up your game if you’ve been kinda cheap in the past. We say, order the trophy in time for the draft party. Have it out and about for the girls and boys to see.

This is what you’ll all be fighting for. Money is fine, but money plus a trophy is better. That’s fact. Honestly. We did legit research, and we proved that a Fantasy Football championship trophy makes a league better. Actually, it makes them the best. Don’t you deserve the best?

10. This decanter trophy is quality. And your purchase is a green one

We’re not cutting corners over our way. We take pride in our products. They’re handcrafted by master artisans right here in Kentucky. Solid red oak. Hand Blown, lead-free, airtight glass. Everything is one-of-a-kind. Beyond the trophies, we have so many unique options for gifts and your own bar needs. Have a look!

Bonus: We plant a tree for every decanter we sell. It’s part of our Buy One Plant One program.

Don’t Wait!

Order yours today! And tell us what you think in the comments below. We love hearing your thoughts about our products.

Fantasy is supposed to be hell for everyone. That’s what makes it fun. The mistakes. The injuries. The benched points. The suffering. The utter madness! This kind of business deserves a focal point, a spotlight, an idol to worship. Scroll back up, and take another look. Yeah, you want this. You need this. We all freaking need this.

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Hey, good luck out there this season. May you break many legs, suffer severely, celebrate heavily, and remember these best of times forever.


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