This Fantasy Trophy Is What You Need

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When it comes to your league’s fantasy trophy, nothing is too grand. The grander, the better. You guys and gals out there know it’s true. Winning means total bragging rights for several months. And my, how sweet that is.

But it can be even sweeter with these two fantasy trophy decanters we’re showing off today! As games are on and the drinks are poured, imagine your bourbon (or liquor/wine of your choice) flowing from your hard-earned fantasy trophy and into the losers’ glasses. What a way to remind everyone of your champion status.

Why Have a Trophy?

You’re kidding us, right? Nah. We get it. Some of you are out there balling without a trophy. Year to year, you have a blast watching football and talking smack. You choose your epic name, give your team manager grief, and howl over injuries and the fact that you somehow benched a hell of a lot of points. Again.

But we speak from experience. A trophy–and particularly THIS kind of trophy–takes things to the next level. It’s better than a cash prize. Hands down, it’s better than a plaque. It’s sparkly. And it’s a nod to the champ’s awesomeness (and luck). Most importantly, it holds our true love. Above football, stats, and points: there stands our liquor.

Bottom line? Having a fantasy trophy makes the league more fun. You’re competing for something seriously stellar. Everybody’s gonna want it. The best part? Everybody can’t have it. It’s the crown, the medal, the title of King or Queen.

Best Fantasy Trophy Ideas – 2 Spectacular Options

That’s right: not one, but two fantasy trophy options right here for you and your crew. Check them out. And if you’re wondering about decanters and what they’re for exactly, see our article: Why Use a Decanter.

FYI: Our oak bases are handcrafted in Kentucky. And the glass is handblown by skilled artisans, to boot. You can count on that kind of quality with all of our products, including our unique whiskey glasses.

1) Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophy Decanter

Fantasy Football Trophy Whiskey Decanter
Fantasy football trophy whiskey decanter with multiple name engaraving plates.

Victory has never tasted so sweet, ladies and gents. This fantasy trophy is one to fight for each season. Complete with customizable engravings and a multi-colored LED basin light to sport your favorite team’s colors, nothing says “League Champion” like this practical beauty.

These are your glory days, people! How much fun to pass this prize around, right? And such torture to cough it up when there’s a new winner added to the base! Also, if you’ve come out on top a few years in a row, it’s awesome to see a string of wins. The others can read them and weep.

2) Personal Fantasy Football Trophy Decanter

Personal fantasy trophy decanter.
Fantasy trophy cum whiskey decanter with up to 4 name engaraving plates.

This is another great fantasy trophy option. With up to four plaques, you can still customize the design. It’s a fun personal prize, but you might also decide to pass it around–winner gets the fantasy league decanter for a year. When you come over to the winner’s house for a pour, losers bring libations to replenish the trophy. It’s only fair.

It’s Fantasy on So Many Levels

Personal fantasy trophy decanter.
Fantasy football trophy whiskey decanter on display.

Of course, it’s all about your fantasy league and the trophy you’ve dreamed about. Ans, if you’re looking for ways to spice up your league, make a fantasy trophy decanter part of your tradition. It would also be a nice piece to feature at the annual draft party. Have some snacks (and certainly some drinks), and let this be the centerpiece. The main attraction. The object of affection and the real reason for the season. Get everybody drooling over it.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. What’s your fantasy league name? If you don’t mind sharing, we’d love to hear it. Now, picture it on one of those football decanters above. Oh yeah. You’ve got the vision.

Make it happen, people. Wishing you tremendous fantasy success this year! No matter what comes, drink on.


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