Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing (Unusual 3)

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Needing gifts for Dad who wants nothing? You’ve asked him time and again what he wants or needs. But you’re just not getting any answers. You’re stuck. Maybe Father’s Day is approaching. Perhaps it’s his birthday, or you need a holiday present. Your papa might be retiring at the end of the month.

Whatever the case, we got you. He’s gonna dig these.

3 Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Dads are sure to appreciate one of these. He’s worth it. He deserves it. He just doesn’t know he wants it. Yet.

1) Unique Decanters

A premium, high end decanter.
A jaw-dropping conversation starter – everytime. He will find it perfect for displaying his precious liquor or wine. And his guests will thank you for it!

Our Prestige online shop is fully loaded with unique decanters. And they’re not just barware eye candy either. They’re quality, handcrafted conversation pieces. Beautifully functional. Impeccably designed. Perfect for displaying liquor or wine in the office, at small get-togethers and gameday watch parties, or on poker nights. They’re classy, one-of-a-kind gifts, for sure.

2) Awesome Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey glasses - a premium set of two.
These sweet glasses will add a little extra satisfaction to his drinking experience!

We’ve got lots of golf ball, basketball, baseball, and soccer ball hand-blown whiskey glasses. You’ll also find barrel, diamond, and spinning globe designs. Drinking his favorite pour with a friend (or with you) will be even better with these on the table or bar. You’re fooling yourself if you think these sweet glasses won’t add a little extra to your drinking experience.

Don’t forget to get him a bottle of his libation of choice. And if you can score a rare or difficult find he’s been trying to catch, that’ll be bonus points.

3) Fantastic Experiences

Gifts for Dad who wants nothing - Take him to Bourbon Bar, Louisville!
Merle’s Whiskey Kitchen/bourbon bar in Louisville, KY. [Photo cred: @kentuckybourbonjosh]

A gift doesn’t have to be wrapped up with a bow. More and more, people are extending the gift of experiences. Consider where your dad might like to go or what he might like to do. Maybe he’s mentioned something casually his entire life: an event, outing, or site he’d love to visit but never got around to. Reach deep. Give this some thought. This could be the most memorable and meaningful present ever.

Make it even better by going on this adventure together. He’ll love the company. If you both share a love for bourbon, we recommend a trip to Louisville. Is Derby Week on his bucket list? If you’re already nodding your head and planning in your mind, then have a look at one of our favorite articles: 10 Must-Visit Bourbon Bars in Louisville.  It’s our bourbon enthusiasts’ scoop on their favorite spots.

Surprising Your Dad

We hope these stellar gifts will surprise him. And keep him smiling for the rest of his life. Any other suggestions for gifts for Dad who wants nothing? We’d love for you to share your ideas in the comments below. After all, it’s one of those perennial-type questions for most of us! Our Prestige family prides itself in our sense of community. We enjoy hearing from you.

Crossing our fingers you find what you’re looking for here. Best of luck getting your father something that’ll last a lifetime!


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