Golf Scramble Prizes Idea To Envy!

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It’s time for golf scramble prizes! And, almost everybody is getting together for a great cause and/or a whole lot of fun very soon. A scramble is pretty chill. The pressure is off in these team-style tournaments. More often than not, they’re put on in support of a great cause.  So the trophy should mean something, too, shouldn’t it?

In case it’s your job to find the golf scramble prizes this year, we’ve got you covered!

Golf Scramble Prizes: Trophy Set

Our golf scramble prizes include a trophy set that guys and gals of the sport will be sure to love. It’s practical and snazzy. It’s worth playing for; that’s for sure! The golf scramble trophy set combines a golfer’s two top loves: the best, most sophisticated game on the planet and luxurious drinking lifestyle.

The set comprises our Golf Ball Decanter and Golf Ball Shaped Whiskey Glasses. Is that motivation to win the tourney, or what? Keep reading for a fancy selection of our handcrafted, high quality, prize-worthy products!

The Golf Ball Decanter

Golf Scramble Prizes - the Prestige golf ball shaped liquor / wine premium decanter!
We also like to call it our “19th Hole Decanter.” You can understand why.

This handcrafted and artisan-blown glass liquor decanter will completely wow your golf scramble participants. Pair it with a top-shelf bottle of whiskey and the whiskey glasses below, and you’ll have yourself a golf trophy for the books.

Prestige Decanters are made with quality, thick glass. They’re lead-free. And they’re the picture of charming luxury. Put dimples on their faces with this classically dimpled decanter!

The Golf Ball Shaped Whiskey Glasses

Golf Scramble Prizes - the Prestige golf ball shaped liquor / wine premium whiskey glasses!
Say premium! That’s right. More dimples.

That’s right. More dimples. Your golf scramble prizes will only get better with these whiskey glasses. They perfectly match the golf ball decanter above. With them, the trophy set just feels (and looks) complete. Golf is slow, controlled, and skillful–just like the careful craftsmanship behind our elegant barware.

All of our products come in sleek packaging. And you can count on these stylish decanters and glasses. They’re sure to be conversation pieces for many years to come.

Next Level Golf Scramble Prize Ideas

Make this scramble a memorable one. Maybe everyone has gathered to play for a charity, community project, or class reunion. Whatever the case, you’ve got to take your golf scramble prizes to the next level. Think about adding a Custom Personalized Acacia Wood Bar Tray to the trophy set. You could include the name, date, and other details of the event. Our decanter tags make a nice addition as well.

One-Stop Golf Scramble Prizes Shop!

Everything you need for your golf scramble prizes trophy set is right here with us. While you’re around, check out our article 8 Perfect Golf Bars for You.

We’d love to hear about your golf scramble in the comments below. Share a memory, or feel free to self-promote–especially if the scramble is raising awareness or funds for a meaningful cause.

Keep golfing, drinkers! And keep drinking, golfers! There’s nothing like a great round and then libations with your friends afterward. Cheers (and then some) to that!


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