Groomsmen Gift Sets to Desperately Covet

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Definetely, your guys deserve groomsmen gift sets they’ll keep for years and years to come. Too often, grooms gift their buddies with impractical presents that get pushed aside and forgotten. If you want to really say thanks and let them know how much you appreciate their friendship, give them something epic on your big day!

They’re all gussied up for you. Let them know it means the world to you with our six featured groomsmen gift sets below. No matter your budget, we should have something to suit you.

Our 6 Epic Groomsmen Gift Sets (All Under $200)

Get ready to discover some marvelous gifts under $200, under $150, under $100, and as low as under $25. Splurge or conserve–we’ve got you covered with these sets.

1) Groomsmen Gift Sets Of 6 – at $175 Budget

Groomsmen Gift Ideas Under $175 Budget
With a $175 budget you can get a nicely wrapped box of our bestselling dimond shaped Whiskey/Wine Decanter, a set of 4 Whiskey Glasses plus a bunch of other bar accessories. | Save $300+

Featured Decanter: Diamond Shaped Decanter

Consider this package if you want to mix and match a variety of our products as follows:

  • decanter,
  • bar trays,
  • coasters,
  • whiskey glasses,
  • wine charms, and/or
  • decanter tags.

We’ve got options for you that are sure to make your groomsmen smile. They’ll be impressed and grateful.

2) Groomsmen Gift Set Of 5 – at $125 Budget

Affordable Gift Ideas Under $150 for Groomsmen
With a $125 budget you can get a nicely wrapped box of our iconic Whiskey/Wine Decanter; plus a set of 4 premium whiskey glasses. | Save $200+

Featured Decanter: Etched Glass Globe Decanter

With this, you’d sure keep the set a bit simpler, yet still classy and ever-practical. A decanter plus a set of four whiskey glasses could be exactly what your fellows need!

3) An Iconic Gift Box – at $100 Budget

Groomsmen Gifts Ideas Under $100 Budget
With a $100 budget you can get a nicely wrapped box of our iconic Whiskey/Wine Decanter. | Save $80+

Featured Decanter: Whiskey Decanter with Ship Inside

Perhaps a show-stopping decanter will do the trick. They’ll open their groomsmen gift box and know immediately that you’re the best groom who ever lived.


Have a look at all of our decanters, and contact us about the options that would work well for you and your wedding party! You may also view some of our decanters in action right here.

4) Groomsmen Gift Set Of 3 – at $60 Budget

Groomsmen Gift Sets Under $60 Budget
With a $60 budget you can get one Bar Tray and a set of 2 Whiskey Glasses. | Save $80+

No decanter with this set. But our customized and personalized bar trays, along with a couple of whiskey glasses, will certainly make an impression. Hand-blown glass and acacia wood make for an excellent, quality gift set.

5) Groomsmen Gift Set Of 4 – at $40 Budget

Wedding Gifts Idea Under 40 Budget
With a $40 budget you can get a pack of 2 Whiskey Glasses plus a set of 4 Coasters. | Save $20+

Pair a couple of our whiskey glasses with a set of our unique coasters. These are great for the established and extensive home bar or some new mini bar that your buddy just started. Cheers, guys!

6) A Wrap of Cheap Gift – at $25 Budget

Cheap Gifts Under $25 Budget
With a $25 budget you can get a wrap of either 2 Whiskey Glasses or a set of 4 Coasters. | Save $10+

This is a handy, lower budget, gift wrap. But that doesn’t mean the quality of the gift is low. Our whiskey glasses are stunning. They’re handcrafted and quite different from your run-of-the-mill barware. And so are our premium wood coasters too.

More Information

For more information on these gift sets, have a look here. And watch our video about choosing the best decanter set for your crew. So many personalities! So many options!

When is your wedding day? Do any of these groomsmen gift sets appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below. We like hearing from our Prestige community.

Want to also gift your best men with a bottle of bourbon? Sounds like a great plan to us. Of course, we’re in Kentucky, so we may have some bias. But we still think you should check out our article on the Smoothest Bourbon. You’ll find some solid picks there.

Cheers to you, groom-to-be! Wishing you all the married bliss and then some.


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