How Long Can You Store Whiskey, Typically?

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So, how long can you store whiskey? You’re curious. And quite possibly, confused. Lots of people have their own theories they stick to. And today, we’ll consider a few. Do bottles last forever? Keep reading to find out more.

The Whiskey Skinny

Here’s the deal. Whiskey isn’t beer or wine. It’s not going to shift to straight vinegar over time. It’s also not milk. Your whiskey isn’t going to spoil so quickly. But whiskey can (and likely will) change after you open the bottle.

It’s a good thing for most folks. Freshly popped, the liquor can be off-putting. Or at the very least, it hasn’t reached its full taste potential yet. Return later, though, and you’ve suddenly encountered a favorite. It’s had time for flavors to marry. And for each whiskey to truly sing its unique song.

Whiskey Storage Questions & Tips

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How long can you store whiskey in a bottle after opening?

You’re thinking long term, right? It is possible that whiskey will begin to lose some of its fragrance and flavor. Oxidation occurs.

There are varying opinions on the matter. We’ve heard some whiskey enthusiasts stick to a one-year rule. Some say two years max. Others say, “No, no. You’re good for up to five years.” We recommend talking to your circle. Gather tips from those who know your tastes. Talk to people you respect.

How can you protect your whiskey so it’ll last longer?

Ah, here’s where we can definitely help. Follow these tips, friends:

1) Store your whiskey properly

And that means to store bottles upright. You’re not stocking a wine cellar. If you tilt whiskey bottles, the spirit may actually eat the cork. That can ruin the flavor, fragrance, and even mouthfeel.

2) Protect your whiskey from sunlight

You may even see that some bottles are made from dark glass. It’s a thing! If you’re displaying your collection, be careful about it. You need a dim room. The “lady hideaway” or “man cave” should work. Maybe you need a cabinet, and that cabinet should only remain open for limited amounts of time.

3) Keep your whiskey cool

Temperature can definitely affect liquor. Ideally, the bottom of your pantry or down in the basement is a safe bet for storage. You don’t want it freezing or burning up, either. The room temperature is great. Balance, ladies, and gents. Avoid extremes.

4) Actively preserve your whiskey

When people ask how long can you store whiskey, we point to our whiskey decanters. We believe in decanting and trusting an airtight ground glass stopper like ours at Prestige. Not every company makes this a priority, but we do. It’s one of the reasons we’re the best on the market. With this kind of seal, your whiskey won’t evaporate. And it won’t lose its intended nose, palate, and finish over time.

Decanters also encourage you to drink the contents instead of holding onto rare bottles. Partake of this goodness, y’all. We don’t mean to be pessimistic, but tomorrow may never come. Enjoy that rare pour now.

Speak Your Mind: How Long Can You Store Whiskey?

We’d love to hear about your personal whiskey storage rules. Really: how long can YOU store whiskey? Tell us and our Prestige community in the comments below.

We’d also love for you to check out our whiskey glasses. They’re awesome. We think you’ll dig them. So, do yourself a favor and behold the magic.

See one of our most popular decanters (and matching glasses) in action in this video. Some of our decanters even have handy spigots. Read more about the airtight guarantee here!

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