3 Easy Japanese Whisky Cocktails to Mix Now

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Interested in some easy Japanese whisky cocktails for your next gathering? Maybe even for a date night at home? We’ll give you the scoop on some easy and perfectly Japanese-y cocktails to serve up. They’re unique and flavorful. And if you’re trying to step outside of the general whisky box, here are three ways to do just that.

Stay tuned as we offer up some crowd pleasers. And if you’re sipping alone, these are solo-satisfaction guaranteed!

Japanese Whisky Cocktails to Try at Home

We think you’ll love experimenting with these three Japanese whisky cocktails at your home bar. The next time you have some pals over for a game night or just to hang out, whip out the Japanese whiskey. You might turn someone on to something they truly appreciate!

1. Japanese Style Old Fashioned

Japanese Whsiky Coacktails - Old Fashioned Style
There’s really nothing old fashioned about the Old Fashioned. [Photo cred: Flickr]

You’ve got to have one of these up your sleeve, right? Some folks want a sort of old fashioned, no matter what they’re drinking. And we understand. It’s a brilliant cocktail. Let’s look at it Japanese style!

This recipe comes in from Food & Wine. You’ll need Nikka Coffey Malt, honey syrup, and bitters. It’s simple, but you already knew that. And some of the best things in life really are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Garnish with anything you like: orange, lemon, or lime. And don’t forget your brandied cherries.

2. Japanese Whisky Ginger Highball

Japanese Whisky Cocktail - Ginger Highball
It doesn’t take much to imagine this in your hand right now, does it? [Photo cred: Boozy Oyster]

This is going to be a summer go-to for you this year. Give it a shot, and we’re pretty convinced you’ll have it on your poolside and grill-out menu. Your friends and family will be asking for this one. Who knows? It might become your signature cocktail, that fast!

You’ll need Toki Suntory Whisky, ginger beer, soda water, and bitters. Garnish with a blood orange for beautiful Japanese whisky cocktails that taste as good as they look. Serve over ice and cool down with this highball piece of heaven.

Check out Boozy Oyster’s recipe here.

3. Japanese Whisky Smash

 Whisky Smash - Japan
A summertime stunner for sure. [Screenshot from tipsybartender.com]

We’ve got one word for this smashing cocktail: wowza. Citrus notes make us think of summer. But this ain’t yer granny’s lemonade. Well, maybe it is. Maybe your granny would love this. If so, you have one awesome granny.

The Tipsy Bartender delivers with this Japanese whisky delight. It incorporates your choice of Japanese whisky, simple syrup, mint leaves, lemon, and sugar. Put that shaking glass to work. You’ll be impressed. It’s simple but packed full of sweet and sour flavor.

Head over to the full recipe now.

Ready to Start Mixing?

Well actually, before you head off in that direction… Stay right here and tell us about your favorite Japanese whisky cocktails below in the comments. We love hearing from our Prestige family. You guys always have stellar ideas!

And if you’re wanting to know more about Japanese whisky, then read our article: Best Japanese Whisky. Maybe you’ll come across some must-have bottles.

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Until next time, we hope you enjoy this lineup of cocktail magic. Join us for more on the blog this summer. We’re making it our mission to celebrate each and every day–the right way.


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