Jefferson’s Bourbon Review (Very Presidential)

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We’ve got a comprehensive Jefferson’s bourbon review for you. If you are looking for a bourbon that has shaken up the bourbon market and done things differently than the big boys, look no further than Jefferson’s Bourbon. If you’ve seen it on the shelves and always thought to yourself, I wonder what that Jefferson’s stuff is all about? Look no further. We’ve got it all figured out right here!

Getting to Know Jefferson’s Bourbon

Jefferson’s Bourbon was created in 1997 by the father and son team of Chet and Trey Zoeller. These two men loved bourbon and wanted to get into the business, but they weren’t distillers.

They didn’t hold chemical engineering degrees, they didn’t know how to run a still, and they didn’t even have their grandpappy’s old family to base their product on. But what they did have was money.

The Zoeller men decided they would source their bourbon (meaning they would buy bourbon that was made by someone else) blend it, bottle it and sell it as their own. Thus, Jefferson’s was born.

These days, Jefferson’s is owned by Pernod Ricard and their whiskey is blended and bottled at Kentucky Artisan Distillery in Louisville. The bourbon that goes into Jefferson’s blend comes from four undisclosed sources.

Jefferson’s sells over a half dozen products, including Jefferson’s Reserve, Jefferson’s Ocean, and Jefferson’s Very Small Batch, which we will be reviewing here today. Jefferson’s Ocean product is notable because it is barreled and then aged at sea on ships. Everybody has to have a niche, right? Well, we’ve talked enough about the brand, let’s get to the review.

Jefferson’s Bourbon Review

As mentioned before, the whiskey in the bottle is a small batch blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskies. We do not know the sources, the mash bills or the ages of the bourbons, however, we do know that the whiskey is bottled at 82.3 proof.

The nose of the bourbon is classic Kentucky. You’ve got notes of fresh corn, vanilla, and oak. Who would have guessed? But once you spend more time and let the bourbon open up in the glass, you get additional notes of plum and a hint of a flowery perfume.

The palate is sweet but simple. Like you would imagine from the nose, you get notes of vanilla and oak. Those notes stand out the most in this very understated bourbon. You’d like it to be a bit bolder, but there’s only so much life a bourbon can have at 82 proof. Because of this, there isn’t much depth to the palate.

The finish is gone almost before you realize it. There are very slight hints of vanilla and oak, but that’s pretty much as far as you get with this one. If the nose and the palate left you feeling a little disappointed, the finish will break your heart. There just isn’t one. What’s a bourbon without a good Kentucky hug to leave you warm inside?

Jefferson’s Bourbon Review from Instagram Whiskey Lovers

@kodajreedrealtor says

Small Batch
Bottles of Jefferson’s Small Batch Bourbon – Image credit: @kodajreedrealtor

I love Bourbon! This is one of my favs! Sooo smooth and sooo delicious! My lips are already tingling! – @kodajreedrealtor

From @whisky_and_cigar_therapy

Review by @whisky_and_cigar_therapy
A bottle of Jefferson’s Small Batch Bourbon – Image credit: @whisky_and_cigar_therapy

Well, well, well. I finally get to try @jeffersonsbourbon small batch. Think caramel ice cream glazed with bourbon and lightly charred spices and hay. Well played. – @whisky_and_cigar_therapy

@kentuckybourbonguy says

Jefferson's Bourbon Review - Small Batch
A bottle of Jefferson’s Small Batch Bourbon – Image credit: @kentuckybourbonguy

What’s better than football and bourbon? Today’s review is Jefferson’s Very Small Batch. It starts off very light with a little heat and the tail end of the first swallow. The second sip, the heat really shows up with a nice tingle. It’s nice and sweet with a very smooth taste. There’s a taste that if I was an expert I could tell you what it is, but these aren’t expert reviews, these are simple reviews. But whatever that taste is, it keeps me wanting more. I’m going to enjoy every sip of this bottle and if you are looking for something, smooth, light, and a little bit of heat, I think you will enjoy it too. – @kentuckybourbonguy

The Finish

Overall, this is a bourbon you might enjoy if you’re just getting into bourbon, or you want the light beer of bourbon. While there’s potential here, we think this bourbon is a letdown. It would be interesting to try this bourbon at a higher proof where the flavors could stand out more. Have you tried any Jefferson’s bourbon? What do you think?


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