These 7 Kahlua Cocktails Will Shock You To Joy

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We’ve got some Kahlua cocktails that are sure to make the day lively and memorable. Happy National Kahlua Day, folks! Join us as we celebrate this coffee liqueur that got its start back in 1936. Arabica coffee beans, we salute you today.

Some Hard-to-Make (But Sweet) Kahlua Cocktails Just for You

We mean it. Kahlua cocktails and their coffee flair win us over every single time. If you’re getting down and tipsy on National Kahlua Day, we hope you dig some of these suggestions.

1) Kahlua Coconut Mudslide

kahlua cocktails - kahlua coconut mudslide cocktail.
A Kahlua treat. [Screenshot from].

Eat the Love brings us this Kahlua treat. Fans of Kahlua cocktails, rejoice! For the recipe, click here. Full disclosure, it’s a pretty complex cocktail. But if you’re entertaining a date or just a few guests, you’ll have them in awe when you bring this beauty out. Homemade coconut-chocolate syrup, toasted coconut, vodka, Irish whiskey, coconut milk, and ice cream. Talk about a cocktail that can slay.

2) Nutcracker

kahlua cocktails - the super delicious nutcracker cocktail!
The oh, so sweet Nutcracker. [Screenshot from]

We think you’ll like this Nutcracker from Mix That Drink. Get the recipe here. It’s super sweet, so if you want a candy-like slap in the mouth, this one’s just for you. You’ll pick up on notes of orange, chocolate, caramel, and coffee, of course! Liquid dessert, yes?

3) Tiramisu Martini

kahlua cocktails - tiramisu martini cocktail.
The bitter-sweet Tiramisu Martini. [Screenshot from]

Sorry-not-sorry for more dessert, Prestige fam. That bitter coffee flavor pairs well with basically all things sweet. That’s just how it is. The Cookie Rookie has a recipe you’ll wanna bookmark right here. Get the party started (or keep it going) with Kahlua, Rum Chata, Godiva Chocolate Liquor, and cream–both heavy and whipped. Can you say delight?

4) Muddy Water

kahlua cocktails - muddy water cocktail
Somewhere between so hard and so easy. [Screenshot from]

You won’t need many ingredients to make this one happen: vodka, cream liqueur, and Kahlua. Get the details right here at Absolut Drinks! It’s a near-effortless, tasty mix, served over ice. If you’re throwing down on National Kahlua Day, this one will be a quick fix at the home bar.

A Few Super Easy Kahlua Cocktails You’d Love

5) Mexican Coffee

kahlua cocktails - the mexican coffee cocktail.
So easy. [Screenshot from]

Kahlua cocktails don’t really come any simpler than this one. Brew your go-to coffee (about 8 ounces will do), and add a Kahlua shot to it. Since the Kahlua liqueur is pretty sweet already, you probably won’t need sugar. Add milk or cream if that’s how you roll.

6) Brave Bull

kahlua cocktails - brave bull cocktail.
Things can’t get easier than this! [Screenshot from]

A Brave Bull needs just two ingredients: one part Kahlua and two parts tequila. Boom! It’s pretty simple. Pour over ice and get your drink on.

7) Black Russian

kahlua cocktails - black russian cocktail.
Easy meets flexible. The breezy, delicious Black Russian! [Photo cred: Flickr]

For this easy classic, you need one part Kahlua and two parts vodka. If you dig black coffee, this will work just fine for you. If you like a little cream in the equation, see the following tip.

Cocktail Tip: Make a White Russian by adding cream to the traditional Black Russian recipe!

You’re Close to Our Hearts, Kahlua!

We wouldn’t have Kahlua without coffee, and we wouldn’t have coffee without plants!  We’d like to take a moment to mention our love for plants–trees in particular. Our quality and handcrafted decanters and barware are built on solid wood foundations. Read our blog for more about how we give back to our environment in Buy One Plant One.

Share any other Kahlua cocktails you love in the comments section below. Hearing from you is our favorite. Peace, love, and Kahlua cocktails to you all. Today, lift a glass in honor of one of our most beloved liqueurs. Cheers!


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  1. I am in love with this Black Russian Cocktail recipe. Very creative! I’ve never tried this, but maybe I will this season 🙂

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