Kentucky Vintage Review Roundup

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A look at any Kentucky Vintage review often shows us that this simply designed bottle makes a statement by reflecting the bourbon’s makeup. When it comes to Bourbon, the standards are set. They’re not up for negotiation, and we don’t change them just ‘cuz someone says so.

In order for your drink to be Bourbon, a certain amount of the mash must be from corn. It has to be aged in new, charred oak barrels. It must be made Stateside, and cannot have any flavoring added to it. Otherwise, that caramel-colored drink you love so much becomes something else.

The times may change, but Bourbon doesn’t have to. Bourbon is supposed to be simple and to-the-point with oak, vanilla, and caramel notes. Willet’s Distillery Kentucky Vintage hits the bullseye, even if Kentucky Vintage reviews are a bit mixed.

Coming in at about $25 per bottle, this small-batch taste of Kentucky either hits the spot or completely misses the mark for enthusiasts and experts alike. However, one thing most of them agree on (whether they love it or not) is that Kentucky Vintage deserves your respect and attention.

Kentucky Vintage Review Highlight

Our opinion of Kentucky Vintage is that this 90 proof (45 percent ABV) bottle is worth a try. Even if it’s not to your taste, at the very least, it’ll take you back to Bourbon basics of simple oak, caramel, and vanilla notes.

Kentucky Vintage is bottled by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. There is no age statement, though the bottle says that it is “aged many long years.” The mash bill is also undisclosed.

Why it’s hit or miss with Kentucky Vintage Reviews

The small-batch Kentucky Vintage has Noah’s Mill as a cousin from the Willet family and Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. Therefore, some enthusiasts and bourbon lovers expect great things from it.

However, as it says on the label, Kentucky Vintage is an “original sour mash” that sticks to the basics. This slightly difficult-to-find bottle knows what it is, and yields to no whim.

A Few Kentucky Vintage Reviews From IG

Some enthusiasts love the original, simple taste of caramel, vanilla, and oak in their bourbon. These tend to fall in love with Kentucky Vintage, and it shows in their reviews.

To tell the whole story, we have a Kentucky Vintage Review roundup from Instagram. Because, where else?  While you’re enjoying these reviews and opinions, don’t forget to give some of these creators a like or follow. It’s thanks to their valuable input that we fully understand the complexity of simple.

A nice pairing from @theowlsopgm

Kentucky Vintage pairing
A nice Kentucky Vintage pairing by @theowlshopgm | Image credit: TheOwlShopGM

“Shift drink!!! Kentucky Vintage and a stick from Pepin Garcia.” – @TheOwlShopGM

Maybe it’s a drunken review? From @therealsteveguy

A weird view by TheRealSteveGuy
A weird Kentucky Vintage review by @therealsteveguy | Image credit: TheRealSteveGuy

“To complete my attempting at forcing myself to try older bourbons put in back of collection and must say wow what a great deal on a bourbon. Rich smooth with a bit of sweet in the middle. Interesting ending but at price point good stuff.” – @therealsteveguy

A more thorough review from a sober mind. @therealsteveguy

A sober perspective from TheRealSteveGuy
A sober Kentucky Vintage review by @therealsteveguy | Image credit: TheRealSteveGuy

“So I set out in this month that June would be devoted to bottles under $50 and go through old bottles I’ve left behind and rediscover roots of our #bourbonaddiction ?? Cose #kentuckyvintagebourbon and still convinced almost anything out of #bardstownky is gold and best in value. Charred oak is definitely throughout with a little vanilla briefly but overall a consistent pour. Think best after it’s been open for a bit and on an iceball. Cheers friends and #tgif? “ – @therealsteveguy

A short surprise for the finish and a reasonable review. @bourbontime

Kentucky Vintage review
A reasonable Kentucky Vintage review by @bourbontime | Image credit: BourbonTime

“Nose has oak upfront with fruit and vanilla. I get butterscotch on the palate with oak overpowering halfway through. The finish is short. Surprising how much the alcohol is present in all phases given the #90Proof. This is not a great #bourbon by any means in my opinion but it is lower in price (around $30) so it’s reasonable there. I see this one most often used in tastings as a filler pick. It’s bottled by  #KentuckyBourbonDistillers (#Willett parent company).” – @BourbonTime

A Kentucky Vintage lover shares a very rich secret. @sophisticatedspirits

kentucky Vintage SophisticatedSpirits
Kentucky Vintage review by @sophisticatedspirits | Image credit: SophisticatedSpirits

“Tis a merry day indeed to find a deliciously inexpensive #KentuckyVintageBourbon from @willettdistillery just sitting on a bottom shelf like a discarded orphan with a very rich secret.” – @SophisticatedSpirits

A full review from @bourbongeeks

Full review by BourbonGeeks
Kentucky Vintage review by @bourbongeeks | Image credit: BourbonGeeks

Bourbon: Kentucky Vintage (Willett Distilling Company)
Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Proof: 90 (45.0% ABV)
Distillery: Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD)
Nose: Caramel, vanilla, orange peel, and sour mash notes.
Palate: Charred oak, caramel, light dried cherry, and citrus. A couple drops of water does open it up.
Finish: Present but doesn’t linger. Oak, baking spices and dried herbs.”

Make up your own mind

Expert and peer reviews are important. Furthermore, they carry a lot of weight in our decisions. However, they’re not the final voice. You are. The bottom line is that Kentucky Vintage is a simple small-batch bourbon you can’t ignore.

It has this no-nonsense approach to keeping traditional bourbon in the hands of enthusiasts and experts. What’s more? This lovely amber Kentucky Vintage pours perfectly from our beautiful handmade decanters into our amazing whiskey glasses.

What do you think? Do you like to keep your Bourbon simple? Or do you look for something more complex? Leave your answer below in our comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

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