Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Review Roundup

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Looking for a quick Knob Creek 25th Anniversary review you can trust? We’ve done our research and rounded up some solid opinions. We’re bringing you what the bourbon enthusiasts have to say. In the end, it’ll be up to you. Hopefully, we can help you make the decision.

The price point has already begun to rise for this 2017 release. The original suggested retail was around $130. Now, we’re seeing it anywhere from $140 to just over $200. That gives you some perspective. If you can land one of these bottles on the lower end of that range, we say GO FOR IT.

For us here at Prestige, it’s definitely worth it. Perhaps you already know that it was the first cask-strength release bourbon from Knob Creek. So, it’s special. And it didn’t disappoint us then. It doesn’t now. Our supply is dwindling, which is why we’re revisiting this bottle with you.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Review

Before we kick things off, we first and foremost advise trying this. Head to your local whiskey bar, or come hang out in the bourbon bars of Louisville. Find this anniversary bourbon on the drink menu somewhere. Taste it. Experience it for yourself. This will help you know if a bottle might be for you.

But remember the single barrel factor. With 300 versions of the bourbon out there, there are variations, definitely. Not simply in proof, either. Mother Nature got involved here. Wood, fire, weather, and time itself have a huge say in flavor, of course.

Speaking of the single barrel factor… That’s where some of the issues with the 25th-anniversary bottle lie. Knob Creek Single Barrel is already amazing. And you could literally buy about three or four bottles of that instead. Let’s hear what folks are saying on this matter. Keep reading!

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Bourbon Specs

Release Year: 2017

Proof Range: 120-125 (60 – 62.5% ABV)

Age: NAS but approx. 12-13 years

Distiller: Jim Beam (Clermont, Kentucky)

Original Suggested Retail: $129.99

Mashbill: 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% malted barley.

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Review Roundup

We headed to Instagram to scoop up some mini-reviews. This will give you some quick insight if you need the gist right now!

From @njbourbonhunt

“One of my pet peeves in bourbon is when people say a bourbon is ‘smooth.’ I don’t really know why, but I guess because it doesn’t tell you about actual flavor. Also, smoothness often translates to boring. Like, I did a shot and it didn’t wreck my mouth. This isn’t exactly a crowning achievement.

Anyway, the Knob Creek 25th isn’t smooth–it’s got a nice spiciness. Not too hot, but just the right amount. Also a decent amount of oak and a lot of vanilla with a long finish. I like this flavor profile a lot–not a ton of that Beam funk, but sweet and rich. A lot of the recent 13+ year Knobs are heavy on the nutty flavor, which I can appreciate, but I prefer them to lean more vanilla or caramel.”

From @southwestwhiskeyenthusiast

“Knob Creek 25th Anniversary–I’ve been looking forward to this one and it does not disappoint. I’m a huge Knob Creek fan and this one hits the spot. Spicy with a light finish. Easily drinkable. Smooth AF. Probably among the best in my bar.”

From @bourbonenthusiast

“Just popped this one open and my initial impression is, it’s great from start to finish–a long buttery finish. There is no doubt the Knob Creek 25th is head and shoulders above the ‘2001’ release. However, the problem for Beam is that there are too many store-picks/private barrels around the same age/quality and at a fraction of the cost. On the other hand, I’m sure there’s a large number of people that don’t have access to those store picks, so this one may be worth grabbing.

As I’m finishing this pour, I can say without a doubt, this is the best bottle of Knob Creek I’ve ever had. Is it worth the extra $85+ to have a barrel selected by Fred Noe? That’s slightly hard for me to justify, but this seems to be the going rate for special releases these days.”

From @whiskeygodtodd

Nose: Very sweet oak and cinnamon spice right away. Almost candy-like cinnamon. Some minty pine behind it. The standout to me after a few smells is this fantastic nutmeg scent mixed with caramel. Already excited for this one!

Taste: Wow, this amazing sweet oak entry with strong cinnamon and caramel! It’s heavy on the tongue. It’s got tons of heat on it, but it’s easy enough on your taste buds. Its burn is minimal for this strength. The mid moves this one into a slightly fruity nutmeg and a leathery flavor with a touch of vanilla.

Finish: The linger of oak and spice is unrivaled. The oak is woody, but not too much. It’s matched with cinnamon spice and a sweet caramel splash. It lasts a while. My tongue is still feeling some aftershocks and the flavor is slowly fading.

This has all the flavors you would want out of bourbon. The heavy oak from the 11+ year aging is very well balanced. This spice is tamed perfectly to play with the amazing sweet flavors from the barrel. This just plays nice.

If you want ideas of how to mix this… Splash a little bit of water and take small sips till you adjust. It opens up nice. If collecting is your thing and you’re a fan of the Beam/Knob family, this might be worth the price tag.”

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Got your own Knob Creek 25th Anniversary review? Give it to us in the comments below. We love hearing from the Prestige community. We’re all growing and experimenting around here. Your voice matters in the bourbon family.

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Good luck landing a bottle of this stuff if you’re on the hunt. And if you haven’t tried it yet at all, let us hear from you after you do. There are still bottles floating around out there. Make sure you meet with a pour soon!


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