Liquor Gifts For Dad: These 5 Are Super!

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Have you considered liquor gifts for Dad this year? We think it’s a swell idea. Chances are, he’s a man that probably has most of what he needs already. So, here’s your opportunity to surprise him.

Maybe he doesn’t even know he wants all this yet. But he does. He sure as hell does.

5 Epic Liquor Gifts for Dad

Anybody can pick up the normal gifts for Dad. But we’re encouraging you to think outside of tradition. Go with something that’s practical and memorable. Here are our five homegrown and customer-confirmed trigger questions to ask…

1. Does he have a unique decanter?

Prestige Atlas Decanter
Cool Atlas Whiskey Decanter | The Bearer of Worldly Spirits | Made by Prestige.

A decanter that tells your story is next-level. Too many dads out there have boring decanters. These decanters might even be collecting dust somewhere. Your papa isn’t excited to use it. But if he receives one of our decanters, he’ll be ready to show it off. And use it, of course! They’re exceptional in every way.

2. Does he have truly epic whiskey glasses?

Golf Scramble Contest Ideas - Premium Whiskey Glasses
A winner’s dream golf ball whiskey glasses. | Made by Prestige.

This is real life, kids. And it’s the life of luxury your dad deserves. Liquor gifts for dad aren’t quite complete without these spectacular vehicles. Without the glass, the good stuff struggles to make its way to the palate. Of course, we have Golf Ball Shaped Decanters to accompany the Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses shown above. But you’ll find other matching sets of glasses that also look amazing with our variety of decanters.

3. Does he have a personalized bar tray?

Prestige Wine/Liquor Bar/Serving Tray
Wooden Bar Tray | Handmade with acacia woods. | Made by Prestige

He probably hasn’t purchased one himself. Maybe he hasn’t even thought about a bar tray. But he’ll think big wonderful thoughts when you send this his way. It’s great for entertaining. So, if he routinely has guests over for drinks, he’ll appreciate how the tray makes serving others a breeze.

We have a ton of designs on hand. But if you’ve dreamed up a personalized graphic, let us know. Customization is something we love to do for our customers. Get in touch with us!

4. Does he have customized bar coasters?

Bar coasters
Customizable coasters and more. | Made by Prestige.

Once again, let us help you customize your dad’s bar accessories. He’ll love it! It’s not every day we get to name our home bars. But what a cool surprise for him, right? Our bar coaster collection is extensive. If you don’t see what you like, though, let us know. We’ll help you get the design you’re dreaming of.

5. Does he have impressive decanter tags?

Liquor Gifts for Dad - Prestige Decanter Tags
Premium Decanter Tags | Crafted with Extreme Care | Made by Prestige.

Help the man stay organized when it comes to his liquor collection. Decanter tags are the answer! This may be an accessory he’s never even heard of. But that doesn’t mean he won’t make use of them. We bet his response will be, “Where have these been all my life?”

Time to Break Records with Some Iconic Liquor Gifts for Dad

Wrap up something your father will love. He’s had to fake the excitement one too many times. This year, you’ll know the smile is genuine. It’s hard not to love our liquor gifts for dad that also double as pure works of art.

Which gift do you think your Pops would love? Let us know in the comments below. We like to hear from our Prestige fam. It’s great to understand what you like best and why. So, please share.

Last (but not least)–want to grab a bottle of something special for your dad? Give our article, Best Inexpensive Whiskey, a read. We think you’ll see a few things he might enjoy. And they’re fantastic deals, too!


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