Maker’s Mark Review (Reliably Good)

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If you’re looking up a Maker’s Mark review, chances are you’re familiar with the iconic bottle. Lustrous red wax covers the top of every square bourbon bottle. That seal makes every bottle feel like a little luxury. Breaking the wax and popping the cork feels like a special occasion every time, and that’s not by accident.

That is to say, Maker’s Mark dedicates itself to making drinkers feel special. Every time you open a bottle, you can taste the dedication. This article will talk about the history and culture of this bourbon. Then, we’ll highlight reviews from Instagram’s whiskey influencer accounts.

Maker’s Mark Review from the Lenses of History

This new-ish brand came well after Prohibition. Sixth-generation distiller T. William Samuels, Sr. bought an existing distillery in 1953. His goal was to distill his own unique mash to create good-tasting bourbon.

To that end, instead of using rye to fill out the mash bill after corn and malted barley, Samuels used wheat. The result was one of the first (and remains the foremost) wheated whiskeys available.

An unusual method…

During the development of the recipe, Samuels decided to forego the traditional method of developing a mash bill by distilling and aging small batches. Instead, he settled on his recipe by baking loaves of bread using his grain recipe. A clever move, as he could discern the nose and flavor profile of a recipe in a fraction of the time. Plus, who doesn’t love freshly baked bread?

Substance and style

After four years of distilling and aging, the first bottle release came in 1958. On top of the very first bottles was the signature red wax. Those seals were the brainchild of Marjorie Samuels, wife of the Maker’s Mark creator. She also created the bourbon’s name and label. Her goal was to reform whiskey from its moonshine reputation. With her label, brand name, and wax seal, she elevated it to a luxury spirit.

Therefore, early Maker’s Mark ads sported the copy “It tastes expensive… and is.” The marketing worked. Maker’s Mark experienced early success, and in 1981 sold to Hiram Walker & Sons (maker of Canadian Club). The brand traded hands several times around the turn of the century. Now, it’s part of the Beam Suntory portfolio.

Timeless quality

Even now, no two bottles are alike. Each one is hand-dipped in red wax. Marjorie Samuels took her inspiration from old cognac bottles, but as our Maker’s Mark review will describe, this is a bourbon that has exceeded tradition to become a timeless classic.

Our Today’s Maker’s Mark Review

One thing you notice in every aspect of Maker’s Mark bourbon is the dedication to handmade. From the start, the Samuels sought to differentiate their brand from others by the care they put into it.

Further emphasizing the focus on quality is the distillery’s remarkable yeast, which predates the brand. It’s a 150-year-old heirloom strain of yeast that ferments every batch of Maker’s Mark sour mash.

Freakin’ easy to love!

This is a bourbon that’s supposed to be easy and enjoyable to drink. That’s why it’s made with 70 percent corn and wheat instead of rye. Maker’s Mark is sweet rather than spicy.

However, that doesn’t mean Maker’s Mark is soft. For most other bourbons, typical bottling proof is 80, but Maker’s Mark bottles at 90.

If you’re a new bourbon sipper looking to develop your palate, Maker’s Mark is a lovely place to start. Overall, wheated bourbons are gentler spirits. You won’t get punched in the mouth with rye spice.

A straightforward sipper…

More experienced drinkers may find this flavor profile a little thin. The finish is surprising and lasting, but the tasting notes lack nuance. It’s not bad, by any means. But, if you’re looking for challenge and depth, it’s not scotch.

Overall, it’s a solid bourbon that’s nice to drink (just the way Samuels wanted). Also, it has widespread brand recognition and mass appeal for good reason. When you offer Maker’s Mark from a stylish decanter while entertaining, people know it and like it.

A distillery that’s dedicated to quality

In conclusion, it’s easy to like a bourbon when the distillery cares so much about your enjoyment. Over time, the Maker’s Mark line of products has grown to include limited releases, cask strength, and wood finished bourbons. Even as they’ve expanded, the original release never lost its quality and consistency. Bottom line: Maker’s Mark will be a welcome addition to your home bar.

Maker’s Mark Review from IG Influencers

Influencers on Instagram weigh in with their experiences of Maker’s Mark. Give them a follow on IG to hear more about bourbons you should try.

@goyapher keeps a bottle of Maker’s Mark close by

 Maker's Mark Review by @goyapher
Image credit: @goyapher

“…this will be my always go-to drink for comfort and relaxation.”

@whisky_yvr uses Maker’s Mark in their Old Fashioned

@whisky_yvr uses Maker’s Mark

 “…pretty dang good!”

Follow @axisofwhisky on IG

Maker’s Mark review by @axisofwhisky
Image credit: @axisofwhisky

“This sweet, easy-drinking wheater is the bridge to serious bourbon for lots of folks – and I was one of them. Great value…the wheat giving it a light, sweet, baked apple & cinnamon profile that’s hard to argue with.”

We agree with @thewhiskeyjug about Maker’s Mark

“I like Maker’s Mark…it’s well balanced, delicious and easy to sip…I still think it’s a quality product that is well worth its price and works very well as a daily drinker.”

@breakingbourbon keeps their review simple

Maker’s Mark review by @breakingbourbon
Image credit: @breakingbourbon

“Sometimes good old @makersmark really hits the spot.”

The Finish: Worth Repeating

Overall, Maker’s Mark is an agreeable bourbon that wants you to enjoy every sip. You have to appreciate the care and dedication the distillery puts into their product, like fermenting with heirloom yeast and aging to taste instead of by time. You know what you will get when you open a bottle of Maker’s Mark. It’s a perfect pairing with your next rewatch of The Office or Friends. Even if you know it well, it’s still good.

Have you tried Maker’s Mark before? Tell us about the first time you tried this wheated whiskey in the comments below!


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