Marine Corps Ball: Do You Know These Facts?

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Want to know a thing or two about the Marine Corps Ball? Join us now for a quick rundown of this important celebration. We’re proud of the Marine Corps, and we love seeing them in uniform. We appreciate their service. And we truly dig how they party.

4 Quick Facts About the Annual Marine Corps Ball

Let’s take a look at a few of the long-held traditions and customs of the Marines!

1) The Marine Corps celebrates its birthday on November 10th each year

They’ve been going since 1775. We always love to remember that the official “Marines” were born in a bar in Philly. That’s where the recruiting first happened. Cheers!

2) The ball is a formal affair

Marines wear their dress blues. Spouses and dates drift around in suits and floor-length gowns. It’s special, and it should be. It’s classy, not flashy. No over-the-top makeup or hairstyles. It’s all about the clean, sharp, and courageous Marines and their legacy. It’s not a red carpet circus. The night usually consists of cocktail hour, the ceremony itself, dinner, and dancing. And after-partying, of course!

3) The ceremony is the main part of the evening

It’s filled with history and inspirational speeches. The unit commander and guest of honor both speak. The cake is cut in ceremonial fashion. The guest of honor receives one of the first pieces, as do the youngest and oldest Marines present. It’s a pretty cool symbol of the generations of service. It lasts about an hour, and it’s a very reverent hour. Cutting loose (or looser) comes a bit later.

4) Marines deserve gifts on this ball night

Sure, the ball will have souvenirs for everyone. But you should take your Marine a token of appreciation. And we’ve got plenty of options here at Prestige. (Like our USMC Emblem Decanter!) After all, this is a birthday celebration. Even though it may not be your Marine’s personal birthday, it is the USMC’s. And this military branch is a massive part of their life. They’ll appreciate the gesture.

Hosting a Marine Corps Birthday Bash of Your Own?

If you’re celebrating at home, have a look at some of our drink tips. Turn your home bar or kitchen into a festive space with some great mixology. Let USMC Birthday: Awesome Cocktail Ideas be your guide!

Celebratory Marine Corps Ball Gifts

Now that you have the Marine Corps Ball scoop, don’t forget to scoop up a gift for your favorite Marine. Our collection is sure to delight! Decanters, coasters, and bar trays–we have an abundance of options! These are gifts that they’ll display with pride all their lives.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate the Marine Corps, and specifically, its birthday? We’d love to hear your ideas. Leave them for us in the comments below.

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