New Bourbon to Try in the New Year

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It’s a new year, and you might be looking for some new bourbon to try! Never fear: we have a few suggestions to start your year off right. Some of you have perhaps had these bourbons already, and if you have, excellent! We like to cater to our longtime “bourbonites” as well as the newcomers. We’d just about bet you haven’t tried all of these yet. But we think you’ll definitely want to! 

New Bourbon to Try, New Territory to Explore

If you have tasted these selections, tell us your opinion in the comments!  Also, feel free to pitch your own new bourbon to try before you peace outta here. We’re all growing together at Prestige. We’d love to hear what’s up your spirit sleeve or on your drinking horizon in this brand new year.

Booker’s 30th Anniversary Bourbon

New bourbon to try - Booker’s 30th anniversary.
Booker’s 30th Anniversary Bourbon 125.8-Proof, $199.00

We feel that this one is a definite must-have for you bourbon aficionados out there. Your collection needs this baby. Blending 16 and 9-year-old bourbons together, Booker’s has achieved something magical. It’s that irony we all love: it’s dark and deep, yet light and alive. It’s complex but approachable and enjoyable.

The box is pretty cool, too. Not that it’s all about how the bourbon is delivered. But we do eat (and drink) with our eyes first. The wood used to make this bourbon’s boxes all comes from the Jim Beam Warehouse E. They’re freaking sweet, y’all.

Good luck finding a bottle! We wish we could share with all of you. We’re trusting the universe to put you in the right place at the right time. For more information, check out Booker’s here!

Basil Hayden’s 10-Year-Old

New bourbon to try - Basil Hayden’s  10-year old.
Basil Hayden’s 10-year old – 80-Proof, ~$60.00

Saddle up, partners, and enjoy this ride. This is the brand’s oldest release yet! You newbies out there: if you’re looking for something with an approachable flavor and ABV, you’ve met your match. It’s high-rye witchcraft and wizardry in this bottle.

It’s a bourbon to turn to for celebrations and momentous occasions. Everyone is all-in when this bottle is all out! It’s a great one to have in your arsenal. It’s oh-so-spicy, and we’re proud of this new beaut making its rounds in the world.

Check out more here. It’s a limited release, so don’t be crazy and miss out. The plan is that it’ll be offered in limited amounts each year around the holiday season. Celebrate your November through January the right way.

Woodford Reserve Bottled-in-Bond

 New bourbon to try - Woodford Reserve Bottled-in-bond
Woodford Reserve Bottled-in-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 100-Proof, ~$49.99

It’s the first of its kind in the Woodford Reserve Distilling Series. In case you’re not familiar with the Bottled-in-Bond label, it’s like this: the bourbon must be distilled at the same distillery by the master distiller in the exact 6-month distilling season. Bam! It’s also got to be aged for a minimum of four years in a government bonded warehouse. And it must be bottled at 100-proof. Check, check, and check.

These Distillery Series bottles aren’t plentiful. They’re made in super-small quantities, so you’re going to want to get your hands on some ASAP. Honey, apple, and cinnamon, anyone?

See more for yourself here!

Good Luck on Your Bourbon Journey This Year!

Best wishes as you seek (and hopefully find) these bottles and more. Sometimes, you have to find a friend who’s willing to share the wealth.

Get the new year started off even better with some home bar additions you can’t miss. Prestige’s handcrafted and hand-blown decanters and whiskey glasses make your kitchen, she-shed, or man-cave a place to truly call home. They’re unique and timeless. If you are, indeed, a newbie on this bourbon train, hook up with more bourbon details here in our article: Bourbon for Beginners.

If you’re a tried-and-true bourbon follower, then don’t forget to pitch your own new bourbon to try directly below in the comments section. We enjoy hearing from our fans, followers, and friends across the globe.


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