Noah’s Mill Review (Valuable Insight)

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If you’re looking for an honest and unbiased Noah’s Mill review, you’re in the right place. We could get into how and why Noah’s Mill drinks so well out of our whiskey glasses. But we’ll skip that and get straight to the reason you’re really here. Like all great bourbons, a good review starts with passion and creativity.

First: Our Noah’s Mill Review Rundown

No doubt you enthusiasts out there are looking through Noah’s Mill reviews in search of a mash bill and age statement. Noah’s Mill is one of Willet Distillery’s brands out of Bardstown, Kentucky. Originally, Willett Distillery gave Noah’s Mill a 15-year age statement.

Now, however, you’ll find NAS and an undisclosed mash bill because the barrels are sourced. Some speculate that Noah’s Mill is a blend of 4-to-20-year-old bourbons, though that’s not officially published by Willett. This particular Kentucky Bourbon seems to be available everywhere or nowhere depending on where you’re looking.

Noah’s Mill is near barrel strength (at 114.3 proof).  But it drinks more like 100 proof with a smoother finish than most bourbons in the same $50 to $60 range.

A nice, spicy bourbon, Noah’s Mill is sweet upfront with something reminiscent of caramel and brown sugar (which is likely the reason this Kentucky bourbon whiskey has become a holiday favorite). You’ll pick up a hint of prunes and floral notes followed by cinnamon and spice before a lingering sense of toffee and oak finish Noah’s Mill off with a burn. 

Noah’s Mill Review from IG Enthusiasts and Experts

We know that you’re probably wondering what other lovers of bourbon think about this bottle. In this case, as with anything else, Instagram is one of the best places to feel the pulse. Here at Prestige, we’re excited by the overall price and quality of Noah’s Mill, but don’t just take our word for it.

Give these folks on IG a chance to share their opinion with you. Check out their profiles. If you have the time, give them a follow.  After all, it’s the whole reason social media is so great with content and product reviews. Especially when it comes to this particular Kentucky bourbon, you’re getting all the information from fellow enthusiasts or experts who could be your friends and neighbors.

Again, check out these bourbon lovers’ opinions and knowledge of all things Noah’s Mill, and others. You can also drop in on us on Instagram as well.

Finishing a long day with a favorite|@ben.stvns

Noah’s Mill Review
Noah’s mill review by @ben.stvns | Image credit: Ben.Stvns

“Capping a great, long day with one of my favorite bourbons.” — @ben.stvns

Down the Right Path | @shamrockwine

kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
Noah’s mill review by @shamrockwine | Image credit: ShamrockWine

“Noah’s Mill is a bourbon of extraordinary character and smoothness not found younger whiskies.” — @shamrockwine

A delicious review from | @thescotchbear

Noah’s Mill Review
Noah’s mill review by @thescotchbear | Image credit: TheScotchBear

“Toffee and caramel, perhaps some rum and raisin ice cream.” — @thescotchbear

Sits near the top of the list | @lastcallreviews

Bourbon Whiskey
Noah’s mill review by @lastcallreviews | Image credit: LastCallReviews

“Almost rolling into the time of the year for the darker, spicier selections from the cabinet. It rounds out nicely with that caramel at the end. For the readily available bourbons, it sits near the top of the list for most we know in the community.” @lastcallreviews

A MUST for every bar | @dramawhiskey 

Noah’s Mill Review
Noah’s mill review by @dramawhiskey | Image credit: DramaWhiskey

“Enjoying the Saturday evening with a glass of #noahsmill. One of my favorite bottles. A MUST for every bar.”  @dramawhiskey

Timeless holiday favorite | @phillynerdgirl

Noah’s Mill Review
Noah’s mill review by @phillynerdgirl | Image credit: PhillyNerdGirl

“Enjoying some delicious bourbon on this Thanksgiving Eve.” — @phillynerdgirl

Christmas in a bottle | @robertburnswine

Noah’s Mill Review
Noah’s mill review by @robertburnswine | Image credit: RobertBurnsWine

“Noah’s Mill Bourbon… It’s like a sip of Xmas in the summer!” — @robertburnswine

@jerry.r.lem feels loved

kentucky Bourbon
Noah’s mill review by @jerry.r.lem | Image credit: Jerry.R.Lem

“My wife loves me… Do you know how hard it is to get a bottle of Noah’s Mill in Canada?” — @jerry.r.lem

The choice is yours…

The bottom line here is that Noah’s Mill genuine bourbon whiskey is a Kentucky dream. Reasonably priced with great quality, this bourbon is likely to become a new favorite.

Do you have a holiday favorite bourbon you’d like us to hear about? Or perhaps you have your own review of Noah’s Mill? Comment below and share it with us. We’d absolutely love to hear from you. Looking for that perfect holiday gift? It’s the right time of year.

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