Non-Peaty Scotch: 7 Lovely Bottles To Buy

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Non-peaty Scotch is a must-have for some of you. With peat, you either love it or leave it. We get it. We can get down with some peat, for sure. But if you’re looking to avoid that signature slap in the mouth, then we’ve got some perfect bottles for you.

Today, we’ll hear from three of our Prestige Decanters brand ambassadors. They’ll give us a few of their non-peaty Scotch favorites. So, take notes! Keep your eyes peeled for these sippers that are a little easier on your mouth, throat, etc. You know, all of your insides, basically.

The 7 Top Non-Peaty Scotch Picks

from @whiskyjourney, @whiskywatches, and @dram_dude.

We think these are going to be great for holiday get-togethers and New Year’s parties. Actually, any time of the year will be just fine. Shop, drink and enjoy, friends!

First 2 Picks from @whiskyjourney:

Longmorn 16  (Non-Peaty Scotch) |  $109.99

Non-Peaty Sctoch - Longmorn 16
Longmorn 16 | $109.99

“I have two unpeated favorites. One is Longmorn 16. A lovely whisky with a lot of tasty fresh fruit, herbs, oak, vanilla, and honey. A very complex whisky!”@whiskyjourney

GlenAllachie – Single Cask Series  |  $104.99

GlenAllachie – Single Cask Series | $104.99

“My second favorite is a single cask from GlenAllachie. 24-year-old, 54.2 percent. A very complex whisky with a rather special scent of beeswax and honey, vanilla, and raisins. Amazing spicy taste with balance in sweetness–jam, butterscotch, and gingerbread!”@whiskyjourney

Another 4 Picks from @whiskywatches:

Hibiki 21  |  $339.99

Non-Peaty Scotch - Hibiki 21
Hibiki 21 Suntory Whisky | $339.99

Quick Notes: Oak with cherry and caramel along with a touch of smoke.

Yamazaki 18  |  $799.99

Yamazaki 18
Yamazaki 18 Single Malt Whisky | $799.99

Quick Notes: Earthy and bitter with honey, fruit, and pepper.

But what about those price tags, yo?

When we asked @whiskywatches about two non-peaty Scotch bottles for beginners, here was the word:

Aberlour A’bunadh  |  $71.99

Aberlour Abunadh
Aberlour A’bunadh | $71.99

Quick Notes: Sweet fruit with holiday spices.

Balvenie 15  |  $124.99

Balvenie 15
Balvenie 15 Single Barrel Whisky | $124.99

Quick Notes: Big barley and sweet fruit (and even bourbon).

Curious about more Scotch for Beginners? We’ve got the best bottles listed in that article. Have a look for yourself.

A great pick from @dram_dude:

Bunnahabhain 18  |  $129.99

Bunnahabhain 18
Bunnahabhain 18 | $129.99

Quick Notes: Earthy, salty, nutty, and spicy.

“My favorite available non-peaty Scotch. One of the best values, eighteen years on the market.” – @dram_dude

Non-Peaty Scotch Friends, We’ve Got You Covered

A bunch of fantastic picks here. Really. We were nodding the entire time we read the submissions. Bravo on the recommendations, folks.

Hey, peat isn’t for everyone. What is your favorite non-peaty Scotch? Let us hear from you in the comments below. And after you give us your thoughts, head over to our online store and check out our striking, handcrafted whisky decanters and glasses. Get ready to drool over them. Fair warning.

Can’t get enough Scotch these days? We can’t either. Keep coming back for more. Follow our brand ambassadors and us @prestigedecanters. We’ll see you around the Scotch town, guys and gals!


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