Old Pogue Review: A Sip Of American History

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In this Old Pogue review, you’ll get a run-down of Old Pogue Master’s Select. And that will be followed by a quick review of the Old Maysville Club.

By the way, the Pogue family distillery is an all-American story of drama and survival.  It was originally established in 1876 by Henry Edgar Pogue, with what would later become the family’s legacy recipe.

A Bit of Basic History and Reviews

When the 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution was enacted on January 16, 1919, the Pogue family distillery — among many others — had to close down and cease production. January 17, 1920, was when the horror known as Prohibition would actually take effect.

Some makers of spirits would be allowed to remain open to legally make alcohol for medicinal purposes, and organized crime would encourage bootleggers from coast to coast.  But such was not the Pogue family’s fate.

Old Pogue Review and Story

The flagship of the original H.E. Pogue Distillery, Old Pogue Master’s Select comes in at 91 proof and $110 per bottle.

When it comes to 9-year-old Old Pogue, the notes you get on the nose, palate, and with the finish may be different, depending on the batch you get. Taking this into account for our Old Pogue Review, we’re going to keep to the basics here.

Essentially you’re going to find sweet caramel, crisp green apple, and your traditional vanilla and spice. The palate has a light caramel and vanilla but may present some surprising hints of cinnamon, mint, and a bit of something from the floral side.

This amazing Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey sustains its flavors from start to finish.  And speaking of the finish, the gentle burn and warm mint and spice leave you with an experience you’ll want to repeat soon.

Old Maysville Club Review

Old Maysville is an original brand of H.E. Pogue Distillery. It’s 100 proof, has a 100 percent rye malt mash bill, and is bottled in bond. You can find this bottle of rye malt whiskey for about $65.

The nose may be underwhelming for some, but allowing the amber liquid to air in the glass for a bit helps the nose along with that sense of malted rye, old grain, and green apples. Of course, the green apple carries through the palate into that oak you’re going to be looking for. The finish is far from the nose’s beginning with its kick of spice and vanilla.

Back Story and Legacy

Getting back to what makes Old Pogue so unique (outside of the amazing experience it provides)…

It wasn’t until the 21st amendment, which repealed the 18th, was ratified on December 5th, 1933 that any distillery would have the option to reopen. H.E Pogues Distillery had been shuttered for eighteen years before it opened again, only to close for another sixty years during and after World War II.

It would eventually be Paul and John Pogue (fifth and sixth generation Pogues) who would return the family legacy to the original grounds of H.E. Pogues distillery with an old family recipe in 2004.

On offer now is Old Pogue Master’s Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Old Maysville Club Kentucky Straight Rye Malt. You may learn more about this fascinating piece of American History here.

Old Pogue Reviews from Instagram

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Old Pogue Review from @houseofbourbonky

Review by @houseofbourbonky
Old Pogue Review by @houseofbourbonky | Image credit: HouseOfBourbonKY

“In 1876, The Old Pogue Distillery became the state’s third registered distillery ever.” – @houseofbourbonky

@ronhamilton3 calls Old Pogue a “stunningly flavorful bourbon”

Old Pogue Review by @ronhamilton3
Old Pogue Review by @ronhamilton3 | Image credit: RonHamilton3

“Old Pogue distillery stop 7 for us on the Kentucky craft bourbon trail. Fascinating story behind this small distillery that before prohibition was a big distillery. Long story short the original recipes were handed down to the descendants of H.E. Pogue who now produce a stunningly flavorful bourbon and a straight Rye whiskey.” – @ronhamilton3

Thoughts on gift ideas, anyone? @k.schlo might have one

Review by @k.schlo
Old Pogue Review by @k.schlo | Image credit: K.Schlo

“Squeeeee!!! Thank you @amylpogue for my birthday present! Best damned bourbon I’ve ever had in my life!” – @k.schlo

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Looking for a Christmas gift or a great bottle to share with those you love? Looking to make peace? Just want one for yourself? Old Pogue doesn’t disappoint. Their tale of survival and revival make H.E. Pogue’s legacy even better.

We’d also offer the idea to pour this from one of our decanters, but really, we’re just as proud to offer up our whiskey glasses. After all, you can’t gift the perfect Kentucky straight bourbon or Kentucky straight rye malt without the perfect glass from which to drink.

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