Peerless Rye Whiskey Review Roundup

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Looking for a Peerless Rye Whiskey review? You’re in luck. We have not one, but many reviews that we’re serving up right here in our Peerless Rye review roundup! You’ll get a pretty clear picture of this magical bottle. Whether you’ve had a sip of this greatness or not, you’re in for a treat. Let’s hear what the people have to say.

We enjoyed reading what these rye enthusiasts had to share on Instagram. Give these cool kids a follow. They’re speaking the truth and spreading the whiskey gospel. Some are IG giants, and some are still growing and happy to be sharing what they love. We appreciate them all and applaud their dedication to delicious whiskey. And especially rye, in this case!

Peerless Rye Whiskey Review Starting Now…

Buckle up. You’ll see some common themes in these reviews. Enjoy the photos, and remember to check out these great Instagram accounts! We truly believe that the best way to experience whiskey is to join its beautiful family. You’ll see what we’re talking about if you don’t know about it already.

Onward into Peerless Rye!

Peerless Rye Review by @whiskey_mark

Peerless Rye Review
Peerless Rye image by Whiskey_Mark

“At 108.6 proof, this juice explodes with flavor. Spicy, complex, with a nice, warm finish. If you’re in Louisville, you need to take in one of their tours and tastings. Everyone there is very passionate about their product. They’re like a startup that happens to have a long, storied history. Check them out. Cheers!” @whiskey_mark

Simple Rye Advice by @lacombe_bourbon

Peerless Rye
Peerless Rye image by @Lacombe_Bourbon

“Love this rye. No wonder it wins top honors. Make sure you find one and buy, buy, buy it.”@lacombe_bourbon

Notes & Verdict by @bourbon_b_rad

Peerless Rye
Peerless Rye image by @Bourbon_B_Rad

“Decided to crack this bad boy and take her for a spin… First thought —nose: very light and delicate. Black tea, stone fruit, rye spice, light oak, bubble gum, and sour apple. The palate is more in my face–which I’m happy about. It’s not the dense, barrel-proof palate that I love, but it’s not shy, either. It offers ample spice, mimics some of the nose flavors but gives me a great apple that starts like a really tart and sweet Fuji and ends like a Granny Smith… A fine fall dram, if I do say so myself. Interested in how it opens up.”@bourbon_b_rad

Peerless Rye Review by @njbourbonhunt

Peerless Rye Review
Peerless Rye image by @NJBourbonHunt

“I finished my first small-batch bottle earlier in the summer and, while impressed, I wasn’t expecting much difference in the single barrel. Holy crap. I was wrong. This barrel has so much more oak. I don’t know where it came from, only being two years old. Also getting a little chocolate and caramel.” @njbourbonhunt

A Suprise Discovery by @betterboozin

Peerless Rye Recommendation
Peerless Rye image by @BetterBoozin

“This two-year-old sweet mash rye is a delightful little surprise. I highly recommend!”@betterboozin

Quick Recommendation by @indianabourbon

Peerless Rye
Peerless Rye image by @IndianaBourbon

“Some may shy away because of the price point, but if you want incredibly tasty rye, you’ll want to pick one (or two) up!” @indianabourbon

Amazing Find by @barrelandbrew

Peerless Rye
Peerless Rye image by @BarrelAndBrew

“Beautiful weather makes me want to get out great whiskey–like this Kentucky Peerless Rye. Tastes much older than two years, in my opinion. Great, great stuff. Highly recommended.”@barrelandbrew

Thoughts from @whiskeynowadays_mike

Rye Image
Peerless Rye image by @WhiskeyNowadays_Mike

“…I was impressed. I’ve had a lot of young bourbons and ryes, mostly out of Brooklyn and upstate NY, and this is, my friends, top of the class for its age. Even at 24 months, it had more barrel notes and refined flavors of something I would expect to see out of a 4-5 year. Is it good? Yes. Is it $125 good? Jury is still out.”@whiskeynowadays_mike

Simple Verdict by @mparsons27

Aged Rye
Peerless Rye image by @Mparsons27

“It might be young, but it’s damn good. I’m looking forward to revisiting this in a few weeks.”@mparsons27

Peerless Rye Review by @ryewhiskeylover

Kentuchy Rye
Peerless Rye image by @RyeWhiskeyLover

“This is an interesting one. Some of the same attributes as Hoch 16, but in a much better delivery for me. The nose is super interesting. Nice proof. You can also tell that the future is super bright for Kentucky Peerless! Still getting to know [this bottle].”@ryewhiskeylover

Quick Notes from @straightbourbonwhiskey

Rye Photos
Peerless Rye image by @StraightBourbonWhiskey

“Rye tasting… The Peerless had a mellow, sweet nose. I really liked the taste except for its youthful finish. If it were aged 4-6 years, I think it would be fantastic.” @straightbourbonwhiskey

Thoughts from @the_mash_and_drum

Peerless Rye
Peerless Rye image by @The_Mash_and_Drum

“This is an impressive and extremely well-crafted rye bottle at 109.1 proof, non-chill filtered and uses a sweet mash recipe.”@the_mash_and_drum

Verdict by @dallaswhiskeyhunter

Peerless Rye
Peerless Rye image by @DallasWhiskeyHunter

“For being as young as it is, this is still pretty balanced and flavorful.” – @dallaswhiskeyhunter

Peerless Rye Review: @willtravelforbourbon

Rye Image
Peerless Rye image by @WillTravelForBourbon

“I avoided the two-year based on price and experience with other young ryes. This Peerless three-year is great! The first sip was eye-opening… pleasant surprise! Tasting notes: try it yourself.” @willtravelforbourbon

Final Verdict by @houseofbourbonky

Straight Rye
Peerless Rye image by @HouseOfBourbonKY

“Good things come in small packages. Sipping on our stock of 250ml Peerless Rye bottles while we wait for the arrival of the new Peerless Bourbon…”@houseofbourbonky

Peerless Rye Review = High Praises

The general consensus is that Peerless Rye is worth the hype and money. It’s packing something special for its short-lived stint in the barrel. We love it here at Prestige. We’re proud of the work Peerless is doing and, particularly, the great product they’re extending to the whiskey community.

Do you have a Peerless Rye Whiskey review you’d like to share? Comment below and let us know how you feel about it. We enjoy hearing your perspective. Ready to shift gears altogether? Check out our Wheated Bourbon Guide!

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