Meet The Prestige Decanters Spigot (Air Tight)

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We’re highlighting the Prestige Decanters spigot today, which may seem like a small thing. But we make our products the hard way because you deserve the absolute best. We’re paying attention to the details here at Prestige, and we want you to understand what you’re getting when you buy with us. You’re investing in a decanter you can count on for years to come.

The Problem with Other Spigots

Each one of the Prestige Whiskey Decanter pictured above is certainly special. Besides its stunning design, it boasts a Prestige Decanters spigot.  Here’s where you learn that all decanters are not created equal. You can imagine the spigot issues that arise when care and attention are not applied in the “little things”: problems like loose spigots, leaky ones, or even spigots that totally fail to function. Your home bar or Sunday afternoon game party could take a turn for the worse if the main tap isn’t yielding proper flow.

We’re thinking you want to keep things simple and classy like this.

What Makes the Prestige Decanters Spigot Special

The Prestige Decanters spigot is 100% leak-proof, and it’s designed with an adjustable seal and easy-flow technology. It’s sleek, elegant, and air-tightly durable. Best of all, the spout is stainless steel. After all, liquor and plastic don’t play well together. We know that. We know quality, and we strive to offer it to all of our customers.

(For more on the liquor and plastic problem, click here.)

Prestige Decanters Spigot - 1150ml Constellation 1797

Set sail with this 1150ml Constellation 1797 Whiskey Decanter!

The Prestige Legacy—the Little Things Add Up to Something Great

Before we started Prestige, we looked around. Where was the market for superb decanters? We saw a ton of junk out there. And, we couldn’t take it. We couldn’t handle that the products for our spirits were cheap and plastic, struggling to dispense seamlessly. So, we had to make a change. And that’s how we initiated our own design.

We set out to make the best handblown glass, handcrafted solid wood decanters right here in America.  Of course, we chose the best spigots to perform on the same level as all that artisanal quality. We dedicated ourselves to structure. We wanted to create something beautiful, but we also sought to provide innovation, style, and premier functionality.

Today, our decanters hold your liquor and your liquor-loving heart. You can sense the craftsmanship before you. We don’t cut corners or costs. We committed to using the best materials from the get-go, and we’ve stuck to it. From the wooden base to the stainless steel spigot to masterful glasswork–our line of products will impress and endure.

Prestige Decanters Spigot - Raconteur

How amazing is our 2500ml Raconteur Decanter with Glass Sailfish?

Why the Spigot, anyway?

 With the help of a spigot, there’s no liquor running down the bottle or sides of glasses. As you move further into the evening with your pals, no uneasy hands are handling your decanter. One twist of the spigot, and it’s all easy-flowing from there. Those whiskey glasses are happy, and your top-shelf liquor is safe and sound.

 Imagination Is the Limit

That’s what we say about our design. We’re limited only by what we can dream. We envision the best and make the best. From top to bottom, from the stopper to the all-essential Prestige Decanters spigot–we’re in this to craft only the finest for you.

Check out our article Similarities and Differences Between Wine and Liquor Decanters for more information. And check out our spigot decanters.  Leave a comment and tell us which is your favorite! We love hearing from our community and fans.


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