Pure Kentucky Bourbon Review Roundup

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For this Pure Kentucky bourbon review, let’s start with this bourbon’s greatest strength. This XO comes in at a whopping 107 proof (53.5 percent ABV) that’s surprisingly smooth for its strength. It ends with a long, sweet finish any bourbon lover can appreciate.

Basically, Kentucky Bourbon Distillers of the Willett family legacy plays to the fundamental strengths of what bourbon is supposed to be by keeping Pure Kentucky XO’s palate neat and simple.

In keeping with the Willett family way, there is no age statement (NAS) and the mash bill is undisclosed. In past years KBD has said that Pure Kentucky XO whiskeys were aged at least twelve years, though this statement is not found on new releases of this particular bottle.

Depending on where you’re located, and where you look, you can find this bottle for anywhere from $40 to $50. Also, bear in mind that this is a small-batch bourbon, so it’s not always available in all locations.

Our Rundown Of Pure Kentucky Bourbon Reviews

Overall, Pure Kentucky is a great bourbon to share with friends and family over a grill or by the fireplace. It’s a great all-season bourbon that mixes well and takes water for those of you who like it on the rocks from one of our whiskey glasses.

The Barrel, The Palate, And The Nose

You’ll experience those classic cinnamon and oak barrel spices on the nose. Depending on your palate, and possibly the release of Pure Kentucky you’re able to find, that nose will follow up with something sweet, in the neighborhood of maple and toffee.

You may even find pepper and cinnamon here. Eventually, the palate moves on to give you a bit of clove essence along with some vanilla and the bitter side of the barrel. On the long and eventful finish, you’ll feel the heat of this beautiful bourbon with its curious sweet side. This is where you’ll experience the corn you’re supposed to find.

Pure Kentucky Bourbon Reviews From IG

As always, we could go on and on sharing our opinions of this fantastic bourbon. But we know that getting a set of diverse Pure Kentucky review from other liquor enthusiasts also goes a long way. So we’ve included a few of those here for you.

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Caramel, black pepper, and spices – a review from @thewinecountry

Pure Kentucky Bourbon review by @thewinecountry
Pure Kentucky Bourbon review by @thewinecountry | Image credit: TheWineCountry

“So finally cracked my bottle of Pure Kentucky XO Bourbon last night. Man, was it needed! Rich toasted caramel and subtle black pepper and spices coat the tongue. Softer cocoa flavors and just a hint of charred oak tickle your taste buds. Rounded on the finish so it lingers nicely. A delicious Bourbon and a deal for under $40.” – @thewinecountry

@whiskeydudeswithattitudes calls it a “hard to beat” 107 proof

Review by WhiskeyDudesWithAttitudes
Pure Kentucky Bourbon review by @whiskeydudeswithattitudes | Image credit: WhiskeyDudesWithAttitudes

“No pumpkin spice bourbon here, just Pure Kentucky XO! @willettdistillery Nice bourbon for a nice price….seems to be getting harder and harder to find whiskeys like this hard to beat an easy-drinking 107 proof (haven’t found a bad one yet).” – @whiskeydudeswithattitudes

@thefamousbar thinks it’s not overly sweet and great for the price point

Review by @thefamousbar
Pure Kentucky Bourbon review by @thefamousbar | Image credit: TheFamousBar

“It’s a good choice for those that like spicy and oaky bourbons. It’s not overly sweet, and the price point is good considering the proof.” – @thefamousbar

@lenellsbham is excited to finally get their crowd favorite back in stock

Pure Kentucky Bourbon review
Pure Kentucky Bourbon review by @lenellsbham | Image credit: Lenellsbham

“FINALLY got our fave Pure Kentucky back in from Willett Distillery after a LOOOONG 4 months. This was THE crowd fave at our last Willett event.” – @lenellsbham

@sburt009 rediscovers it again

Review by @sburt009
Pure Kentucky Bourbon review by @sburt009 | Image credit: Sburt009

“This is one of those bottles that somehow hides in the back of my whiskey cabinet but it doesn’t deserve that treatment. It’s cinnamon and dusty oak bomb and it’s quite delicious.” – @sburt009

Be Sure To Keep Up With the Trend

Pure Kentucky is an old whiskey with a complex flavor profile that’s kept simple for the traditional bourbon enthusiast.  This isn’t a bourbon with a questionable review status. Most Pure Kentucky reviewers agree that this bottle is definitely worth the time it takes to find it in stock.  It’s a definite plus to have around when you want to share a great experience with your friends or family.

What’s your favorite occasion to share your favorite bottle? Who do you share the love with? Do you have a Pure Kentucky bourbon review you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below with your answers and opinions. We’d love to hear from you.

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