Scotch Cocktails: See The 6 New Favorites!

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We’re all about Scotch cocktails today. We think you will be, too. Especially after reading about these tasty, dreamy (or dram-y) concoctions. Just because Scotch isn’t a common cocktail liquor, well, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be.

Grab your pals or significant other; drink alone if you must. We don’t care how you make it happen. Just make these happen.

Scotch Cocktails for Beginners

We like welcoming newbies into the liquor family. So, it’s nice to have you, brothers and sisters, if you are new to the Scotch game. Maybe a cocktail is just the thing to help you get friendly with Scotch. Try these!


scotch cocktails - rob boy favorite
Hello there, Rob Roy. [Photo cred: Flickr]

So, yeah. He’s the most famous of all the Scotch cocktails. And this one is great for beginners who really want to experience the Scotch. Basically, you make it the way you would make a Manhattan. It’s two parts Scotch, one part sweet vermouth, and a couple of dashes of bitters. You can garnish with an orange twist or a maraschino cherry. Easy enough? Tasty enough, for sure!


scotch cocktails - mr howell in the making!
At the bare minimum, a Mr. Howell equals adding a bit of scotch to a daiquiri with a nice mix of maple syrup.

If you need a little more assistance in getting that Scotch down, we suggest this cocktail. Get the recipe from Serious Eats right here. The Scotch plays a supporting role in this act, but it’s definitely there. It’s a daiquiri with maple syrup instead of sugar and a smoky kick from the peaty Islay Scotch.

Hey, if you’re truly a beginner, here’s more reading for maximum ideas! Check out our article: Best Scotch for Beginners: The Top Sexy Drams.

Wintertime Scotch Cocktails

Of course, cold nights don’t have to mean cold spirits. You can simply cozy up with these!


scotch cocktails - hot toddy is fun!
Scotch Hot Toddy, anyone? [Photo cred: Flickr]

Try your Scotch with lemon, honey, and hot water. You’ll get warm even if there is no fire. We like to call this “taking your medicine.” Perfect after a long day! If you need a recipe, find one here at Saveur.


scotch cocktails - with coffee
A scotch plus coffee is an excellent idea for an all day cozyness.

Turn up the heat with two of your favorites: whisky and your cup of Joe. Oh, So Beautiful Paper shares a recipe for this mug here. That vanilla bean syrup should be pretty spectacular. Great for brunch or after dinner!

Cocktails That’ll Make You Fall in Love with Scotch

The Scotch love continues. Here are two more Scotch cocktails to enjoy anytime.


scotch cocktails - smoked rosemary
When the smoked rosemary meets the smoky scotch, a delightful aroma is born!

This one is more of a challenge to make, but it’s well worth the effort. You’ll need to smoke the glass, and then you’ll get that famous smoke flavor from the Scotch as well. Add rosemary and Chartreuse. Get all the details here at The Spruce Eats.


scotch cocktails sour
A tad bit smokier than the more complex blood and sand cocktail.

Not into the smoky challenge above? Here’s a simple one that you’ll come back to time and time again. Once again, The Spruce Eats brings us this one. With Scotch, brandy, vermouth, and fresh orange juice, we think you’ll add it to your home bar’s regular menu.

Speaking of Your Home Bar…

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Before you go, please share one of your favorite Scotch cocktails below in the comments section. We love growing our community and its knowledge base. You can certainly be a part of that. We thank you!

Rock on, Scotch lovers (and newcomers)!


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