These Scotch Gift Sets Are Hugely Impressive

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Looking for Scotch gift sets to impress? We’re here to show you exactly that. In fact, you can build your own right here. With our products, you can order a ready-made set, or you can design whatever suits your needs best. Our pieces are unique, high-quality, affordable, and memorable.

Finding a gift for the Scotch lover who has it all can be difficult. But guess what? It just got a whole lot easier! Join us now for your gifting solution. You might even find something for yourself along the way. No shame in that!

Scotch Gift Sets That Will Leave Them Breathless

So, for Scotch gift sets, we have a list. We recommend at least a decanter, a pair of Scotch whiskey glasses, and a bar tray. Have a look below.

Tip: The month of November finds many of us visiting family and friends. Eating. And hopefully drinking. Some of us only survive the holidays because of Scotch. (We’re just saying!) Take your hosts something special. You’re about to see some special barware, for sure.

1. Scotch Whiskey Decanter

Diamond Shaped Decanter
Diamond-shaped decanter set – with 2 matching whiskey glasses. | Made by Prestige

You can’t even begin a Scotch whiskey gift set without a Scotch decanter. And the lineup here is stellar. Check it out! The Diamond Shaped is one of our top sellers. But you’ll love the Golf Ball Shaped, Atlas, Tomoka Gold, and so many others.

Airtight seals, lead-free glass, and handcrafted oak bases made right here in Kentucky. Yeah, we’re pretty proud parents over here. These decanters are our babies.

2. Scotch Whiskey Glasses

Etched Globe Decanter
Etched globe decanter set – with 4 matching whiskey glasses. | Made by Prestige

And it just keeps getting better. The glasses to match! Whatchu talking ‘bout? The collection is certainly show-stopping. See it for yourself!

When you pair these beauties with a coordinating whiskey decanter, the recipient is going to go wild. Know those buddies and parents that are difficult to impress? Yeah, they’re going to love all this.

3. Scotch Bar/Serving Tray & Extras

Golf Ball Shaped Decanter
Golf ball shaped decanter set – with 2 matching whiskey glasses and personalized bar/serving tray. | Made by Prestige.

Our customizable and personalized bar trays are the extra mile. (But we still think they’re necessary for the set. Truly.) Add some coasters and decanter tags to the mix, and you’ll have a super fine present to give. Don’t forget to pick up a great bottle of Scotch, too. We make a few recommendations in Best Islay Scotch!

On Your Marks, Scotch Gift Sets

Go! It’s a great day to get your Scotch gift sets ordered. The quicker you send us that order, the quicker we can get it to you. And the quicker you can deliver it to a very lucky someone.

Which bottle of delicious Scotch would you recommend to others building their Scotch gift sets? Our Prestige fam would love to hear from you. And anyone reading this article might wonder about the perfect bottle to pair with all this glorious barware. Help them out!

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