Ship in a Bottle Decanter: See Our Unusual 3

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Been searching the web for a ship in a bottle decanter? You have arrived. We’ve got those classic “impossible bottles” right here. Decanter style! Today, we’ll give you an overview of our quality products. We’ll give you some gift and decor ideas, too. And we’ll also tell you how we’re impacting the planet for good.

We’re excited to show you what we’ve got. And what we’re doing to make the world better while we make our stunning decanters!

Ship in a Bottle Decanter Magic

Have a look at our unique ship in a bottle decanter options here. We think you’ll be impressed.

Product Features

  • Our products arrive meticulously packaged and in pristine condition.
  • You may customize and personalize decanters with metal plate engravings.
  • We use American red oak to handcraft our decanter bases right here in Kentucky.
  • All our glass is thick, hand blown, durable, and lead-free.
  • Each master-crafted decanter is one-of-a-kind, bearing unique etchings.
  • Decanters hold either 1000ml or 1150ml.
  • The stainless-steel spigot is 100 percent leak-proof, complete with easy-flow technology.

Read more about the spigot on our blog: Meet the Prestige Decanters Spigot (Air Tight).

1) Perfect Nautical Decor – Magellan’s Victoria

Ship in a bottle decanter - Prestige Magellan’s Victoria
Magellan’s Victoria Decanter | by Prestige Decanters.

Are you looking to make those necessary final touches in your seaside home bar or beachfront condo? A ship in a bottle decanter goes well with anchors, shells, oars, and nets. The decanter elegantly displays your favorite wine or spirits. Here at Prestige, we believe the way you serve a drink speaks volumes. So do it the right way with our lineup.

Get some nautical decorating inspiration right here!

2) Solid Veteran Choice – Tomoka Gold

Prestige Tamoka Gold Decanter with a Ship Inside
Tamoka Gold Decanter | by Prestige Decanters.

Extra: Submarine Decanters

If a ship in a bottle decanter doesn’t suit your needs, have a look at our submarine decanters. They could be just what you’re looking for.

3) Great Gift Idea – Constellation 1797

Ship in a bottle decanter - Prestige Constellation 1797
Constellation 1797 Decanter | by Prestige Decanters.

These make spectacular gifts for those who enjoy sailing and boating. The ship in a bottle decanter or submarine decanter reminds us of salty water and sea breezes. They make our drinking experience as open and free as the sea itself.

Buy One Plant One

You deserve quality decanters. We believe that, and we see that it happens with every product we create and send your way.  And since we use wood, we’re taking an active role in replenishing trees. We plant one tree for each decanter you purchase.

Our goal is to plant 100,000 trees! We hope you’ll be a part of our journey.

The Prestige Fam

Get up close with the Magellan’s Victoria in this video!

Check out our other decanters, too. And you probably shouldn’t leave until you’ve seen all the hot products in our online store. Tell us which you like most in the comments below. We love hearing your feedback.

Most importantly, we dig having you around. Follow our blog (if you haven’t already). We hope some of our decanters speak your language. Look around! There are plenty of unique and quality gifts for you, your friends and family, retirees, wedding parties, birthdays, holidays, and more.


About Author

Each decanter is handcrafted and hand-blown, formed into designs limited only by imagination. We never skip steps to cut costs either. Instead, our decanters are made the hard way because quality takes effort and that’s what you deserve. Trust In The Craft, The Prestige Difference Every piece we make is executed with a passion for craft, a reverence for details, and a labor of love. We have scoured the country for the best materials and never skip steps to cut costs. Our products are made the old fashioned way because quality takes effort. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your home bar or shopping for something elegant for that special loved one, our decanters are always a timeless gift. If you're searching for style, inspired craftsmanship, and a transformative piece of art that also elevates the flavor profile of your favorite wines and spirits, look no further. Our decanters are the birth of compelling conversation, a gift that speaks thoughtfulness, and an heirloom that will endure the generations. Our decanters are more than gifts. They’re family treasures that will be appreciated for years to come. And that goes for all of our products. Everything you buy from Prestige is created with premium grade materials that stand the test of time. We’re also environmentally friendly and we plant a tree to help promote U.S. forestry every time you buy.

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