St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail – 5 Lucky Recipes

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St. Patrick’s Day cocktail recipes are here! We’re feeling lucky at Prestige, and we’re ready to share the luck with you. In libation form, of course. Pinch yourself! These green, Irish-inspired cocktails are going to take your St. Patty’s Day (and night) to the next level.

5 St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Recipes – with Bonus Ideas and Tips

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! The luck of the Irish is already kicking in for your St. Patty’s evening celebrations.


St. Patrick's Day Cocktail - recipe for Guinness Beertail
Um, can’t you just taste this right now? [Photo cred: Wiki Commons]

Get the Recipe: How could we resist this spot-on beertail from Supercall? Try mixing Guinness Blonde, Guinness Draught, cold brew coffee, coconut cream, sugar, and a couple dashes of chocolate bitters. Can’t we just have this every day, please?


St. Patrick's Day Cocktail - recipe for 4-Leaf Cover Shots
Party on, Patty people. [Photo cred: Flickr]

Get the Recipe(s): Lucky shot! We’ve got a couple for you to try here. First, if you’re in the mood for mint and chocolate, mix 1 part green creme de menthe, 1 part creme de cacao, and 1 part light cream. Talk about yum. They may be clover-leaf small, but they have big flavor!

Bonus: Or do a “Li’l Guinness”! It’s 3 parts Kahlua and 1 part Baileys Irish Cream. To keep it holiday green, add some green sanding sugar to the shot glass rim. You could even crush up some Lucky Charms cereal and coat the rim in that childhood classic. Whatever you choose, you and yours will have a shamrockin’ good time.


St. Patrick's Day Cocktail - recipe for Green Margarita
Salt the rim of your green marg, and you’re ready to go! [Photo cred: Pixabay]

Get the Recipe: We like Gimme Some Oven’s Green Margarita. It boasts homemade, all-natural “green juice.” Add some tequila, Triple Sec, ice, and lime. Then garnish with salt and a lemon or lime wedge. Serve in a margarita glass, highball, or mason jar. You’re cocktailing like a St. Patty’s pro!


St. Patrick's Day Cocktail - recipe for Pot of Gold
Yes. This is definitely at the end of all rainbows. [Photo credit:]

Get the Recipe: This one is for the bold (and gold)! Traditionally, green is everything when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day cocktail recipes. But we think’s Pot of Gold is awesome. Check out this ingredient list: Irish whiskey, Islay Scotch, fresh lemon juice, ginger, honey, and egg whites. And (finally!) a real reason to use edible gold leaf.


St. Patrick's Day Cocktail - recipe for Green Apple Martini
Not one but two for St. Patty’s! [Photo cred: Flickr]

Get the Recipe: The Spruce Eats and their appletini will have you coming back for seconds. It’s green, and it’s great. With only vodka, green apple schnapps, and lemon juice, it’s super simple, too.

Happy St. Patty’s to You!

Kiss us! We’re not Irish. But we do make freaking sweet decanters and whiskey glasses. We hope you enjoy these St. Patrick’s Day cocktail recipes. We also hope you’ll serve them up in style. That’s what we’re here for.

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Have your own St. Patty’s Day favorites? Share the love! We want to hear from you in the comments below. Wear your green, drink responsibly, stay safe, and party hard, you crazy leprechauns!


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