Holidays Top Bourbon Recommendations

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you’re thinking about the top bourbon recommendations. We hear ya! So are we. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our Prestige Decanters brand ambassador @whiskeymoments to bring you some sure-fire, on-budget bottles for the season.

Do Turkey Day and winter festivities the best way. With bourbon. And particularly, with these beautiful pours. Know what’s best of all? Every selection here is priced below forty bucks. (You’re welcome. We know about that holiday budget.)

And that’s not all! We’re serving up a few food pairing ideas, to boot. And some delicious bourbon cocktail recipes at the end of this article! So, stay tuned, friends. Don’t stress over the holidays. That’s what booze is for, right? And with these picks, you’re sure to please any crowd. (And enjoy yourself as well.)

Top Bourbon Recommendations For Thanksgiving

It’s time to get down with Turkey. Wild Turkey, that is. Both of these picks pair well with football, parades, and dog shows. Cornhole, pumpkin pie, stuffing–the works. Whatever your tradition, these will fall in line.

Wild Turkey 101  |  $17.99

Bourbon Recommendations - Wild Turkey 101
Wild Turkey 101 | $17.99

Quick notes: Honey sweetness with pepper and buttered toast.

Swear: we eat it with our chocolate Halloween candy. No shame in busting out leftovers on Turkey Day. Bring the tiny sweets and the big bourbon treats.

Wild Turkey Rye 101  |  $35.99

Wild Turkey Rye
Wild Turkey Rye 101 | $35.99

Quick notes: Smooth caramel with spiced fruit and wood.

Outstanding and can hold its own against all the heavy veggies, sauces, and meats of Thanksgiving.

Top Bourbon Recommendations for Holiday Parties

These are great around the holiday dinner table and for ringing in the New Year! They’re guaranteed to make any Christmas gift you open ten times better than it really is. That’s right. They’re that good.

Eagle Rare 10 Year  |  $34.99

Eagle Rare
Eagle Rare 10 Year | $34.99

Quick notes: Toasted bread and nuts with a little sweet fruit.

Fantastic with a bowl of pistachios! (We’re just saying.)

Four Roses Single Barrel  |  $39.99

Bourbon Recommendations - Four Roses Single Barrel
Four Roses Single Barrel | $39.99

Quick notes: Spiced fruits with both chocolate and vanilla.

It’s fabulous with steak, scallops, barbeque, roasted corn, and asparagus. And just anytime, to be honest.

Top Holidays Bourbon Cocktail Recommendations

Want more holiday drinking tips? Check out Christmas Cocktail Recipes ASAP! (The first cocktail listed is a bourbon one too. Go figure. It’s how we roll around here.)

Wild Turkey’s Boulevardier

Wild Turkey Boulevardier
Beautiful color. Beautiful flavor. [Screenshot from Wild Turkey]

Get the full recipe here. But it’s simple. If your guests or hosts don’t want to sip their 101 neat, with a splash of water, or on the rocks… Then serve them up this delicious drink. You only need a couple of things. Your 101, sweet vermouth, and Campari.

Southern Living’s Spiced Orange Bourbon Punch

Bourbon Punch
Hello there, orange city! [Screenshot from Southern Living]

Sometimes, the party isn’t really a party without spiked punch. It’s an age-old truth, and we’re sticking to it. We’re offering up this light and refreshing holiday watering hole. So many winter cocktails can be creamy, cloyingly sweet, and too heavy. This one gives you a boost on the dance floor.

All you need is the recipe here. It’s a lot of spices, fresh oranges, orange juice, ginger beer, carbonated water, and bourbon. Need we say more?

Good Tidings of Comfort & Joy (& Bourbon)

What are your bourbon recommendations? Tell us in the comments below. We absolutely love hearing from our Prestige Community.

Speaking of the community, see what everyone’s talking about. Our whiskey decanters and matching whiskey glasses are show-stoppers at your holiday parties. They also make fantastic, unique presents for whiskey lovers. Need an epic Dirty Santa gift? Get it at Prestige today!

Remember our friends @whiskeymoments. We appreciate their input here. Follow them now for more bottle recs and fun photos. They also have those Prestige coupon codes on hand! Don’t miss out.

Happy holidays from our Kentucky crew to yours! May your days be bourbon-filled and bright, y’all.

Holidays top Bourbon recommendations.


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