Unique Decanters: The Unbelievable Lineup

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Unique decanters are hard to come by. Most of the ones out there are pretty basic. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Not the case at Prestige! In fact, you’ve never seen decanters like these before. They’re perfect for a birthday, holiday, retirement, promotion, and wedding party gifts. Need a golf scramble prize or fantasy league trophy? You’ve found it, partner.

They’re also ridiculously spot-on if you’re in the market for purchasing a gift to yourself. No shame in that game!

7 Unique Decanters You Shouldn’t Miss

Check out some of our show-stopping decanters below. They’re practical conversation pieces. And they look great on your home bar, in your kitchen, or resting near your desk in your office. We guarantee that shock-and-awe factor.

1) Magellan’s Victoria Decanter

Prestige unique decanter - Magellan’s Victoria Etched Globe Decanter.
Magellan’s Victoria Etched Globe Decanter

It’s one of our best sellers, for sure. This globe decanter speaks of the world’s spirits, history, and absolute quality. Sail into extraordinary drinking seas with this one.

2) Golf Ball Decanter

Unique decanters - Prestige Golf Ball Decanter
Premium, handblown golf ball shaped decanter.

Bet you’ve already got a recipient in mind when you look at this unique decanter. If you know someone who loves their liquor or wine and who also loves the green, then consider this as the perfect token of appreciation for them.

3) Atlas Base Decanter

unique decanters - Prestige Atlas Base Decanter
Atlas (bearer of worldly spirits) premium handmade decanter.

This striking decanter puts you in the mood for relaxing, sipping, and thinking about the big questions in life. As you carry what feels like the weight of the world on your shoulders, sit back with friends and this decanter, and take a well-deserved break.

4) Police Department Decanter

Prestige Police Department Decanter
The highend, airtight Police Department Decanter.

We also have these decanters for firefighters, duck hunters, pilots, Marines, and more! This is a way to personalize a unique decanter. Help someone take pride in where they’ve been or what they do–their personal legacy.

5) Grand Palomino Decanter

Prestige Grand Palomino Decanter
The super elegant Grand Palomino decanter.

Such a majestic breed makes for a fun, majestic decanter, if we do say so ourselves. It’s eye-catching, and your bar will never be the same.

6) League Champion Decanter

Prestige fantasy football league champion trophy decanter.
The fantasy league champion (trophy) decanter.

This one is a stellar idea for your fantasy league trophy. It’s also awesome if you simply love football and have your pals over regularly during the season. It’s a winner, don’t you think?

7) Diamond Shaped Decanter

Unique decanters - Prestige Diamond Shaped Decanter.
The Prestige’s bestselling Diamond Shaped Decanter.

We’re ending this lineup with another one of our best sellers. Far from a diamond in the rough, this one sparkles and shines with your favorite spirit. Diamonds are forever. Our quality decanters are no different.

The Search for a Unique Decanter Has Ended

You’ve discovered it. The decanter pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you’re looking for a collection unique decanters to celebrate a big occasion, you’re in luck today. We think that one of these decanters will certainly suit you and your needs. Check out even more jaw-dropping decanters today. And don’t forget the whiskey glasses!

Vote for your favorite of this lineup below in the comments. We love hearing about what you like. If you’ve purchased one of our decanters, tell us about your experience, too. Hearing from you is the best.

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We believe in drinking well. And how you serve a drink says a lot about who you are. Offer your family and friends an unmatched experience with our unique, handcrafted, quality barware!


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Each decanter is handcrafted and hand-blown, formed into designs limited only by imagination. We never skip steps to cut costs either. Instead, our decanters are made the hard way because quality takes effort and that’s what you deserve. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your home bar or shopping for something elegant for that special loved one, our decanters are always a timeless gift. If you're searching for style, inspired craftsmanship, and a transformative piece of art that also elevates the flavor profile of your favorite wines and spirits, look no further.

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