Unique Whiskey Decanter (Super Cool)

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You’re in the market for a unique whiskey decanter, huh? Say no more. We’ve heard the cries of the people. Whiskey decanters have been so boring for so long. In fact, that’s why we founded Prestige Decanters. We wanted to take you from plain to pizazz.

Today, we’ll look at some of our top sellers. And we hope one will snag your attention. Maybe you’re shopping for the perfect gift. Or maybe you’re trying to liven up your own home bar. Whatever the case, we’ve got some stellar options for you right here.

You Deserve a Unique Whiskey Decanter!

It’s as unique as you are. And we’re not just talking about our wildly personal style. We employ skilled artisans to craft our decanters. The wooden bases come from oak trees right here in Kentucky. The glass is hand-blown. And the details matter. You’ll notice the quality as soon as you pull your decanter from its sleek, black package.

Atlas Decanter – Bearer of Worldly Spirits

Unique Whiskey Decanter -  Atlas
Prestige Atlas Decanter

You have to admit: you’re not seeing decanters like Atlas every day. It’s a practical but fun gift or addition to your bar. Let the stress melt away at the sight of this beauty. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another decanter with this much character and charm!

Golf Ball Shaped Decanter – Perfect for Golf Lovers

Golf Ball Decanter
Prestige Golf Ball Shaped Decanter

Tee up a winner with this unique whiskey decanter! Your favorite golfer won’t mind coming off the green for this. Consider it the 19th hole! And if it’s for your own space, that’s awesome. Welcome your fellow golfers in. They’ll love that your decanter represents one of the greatest games around!

Check out this short video to see a great golf-inspired whiskey decanter set!

Tomoka Gold Decanter – Bourbon Barrel Shaped with a Ship Inside

Tomoka Gold Decanter
Prestige Tomoka Gold Decanter

As if the bourbon barrel magic weren’t enough… Add a gorgeous ship to the mix! The air-tight seal and spigot are in place so that your liquor is safe and sound. Feel like a top-notch barkeep with this stud on your bar top. No one who pops in for a pour will be able to miss this unique whiskey decanter!

Witness the unboxing video of Tomoka Gold here! All hail this bootlegging wonder!

Sailfish Unique Whiskey Decanter – Better Than a Trophy

Sailfish Decanter
Prestige Sailfish Decanter

It’s striking–to say the least! If you don’t like attention, then you probably want to stay away from this prize. Obviously, it’d look amazing in a fishing camp or beach home. But you know what? It’s so stunning, it’d bring a champion-feel to any office, bar, or den.

And There’s More!

That’s right. There’s more where that came from! See our entire lineup right here. Oh, and our whiskey glasses are just as unique. Some even match the decanters for a complete set.

Which is your favorite unique whiskey decanter? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Read more about exactly how to fill these decanters in our article Best Inexpensive Whiskey. And remember to follow us on Instagram @prestigedecanters, and subscribe to the blog for a ton of reviews, recommendations, and recipes!


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Each decanter is handcrafted and hand-blown, formed into designs limited only by imagination. We never skip steps to cut costs either. Instead, our decanters are made the hard way because quality takes effort and that’s what you deserve. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your home bar or shopping for something elegant for that special loved one, our decanters are always a timeless gift. If you're searching for style, inspired craftsmanship, and a transformative piece of art that also elevates the flavor profile of your favorite wines and spirits, look no further.

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