Wall Bar Cabinet: Timely, Creative DIY Ideas

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Whether you’re short on space or just in search of a unique style, a wall bar cabinet can come in handy. These storage units are great for apartments, condos, mobile homes, tiny houses, outdoor patios, and more!

Today, we’ll explore some sweet wall bar cabinet options for sale. And we’ll have a look at some DIY projects as well. Our goal is to give you plenty of inspiration as you think about installing a wall bar of your own!

What Is a Wall Bar Cabinet?

We’ll define it like this: any bar that hangs on your wall. And we like it when there’s a space for preparing cocktails and pours. So, not just a shelf or cabinet, you know. A place to mix and serve is ideal.

These shelves and surfaces work particularly well in smaller spaces. Just because your floorplan is limited, your drinking experience doesn’t have to be! But you know what? Maybe these just suit your style better. That’s okay, too. A wall bar cabinet could be great indoors or outdoors. Just think about where it would work out best. Hey, maybe you need one inside AND outside!

Basically, if it’s not a free-standing, traditional bar top or on-the-floor shelf, we’ll let it slide right into this article. And into our hearts, for that matter. You may be thinking, “Oh, these are pretty basic. Nothing special.” You couldn’t be more wrong. There are some amazing options out there. And some of them, you might even build yourself!

The Perfect Wall Bar Cabinet for You

You’ll need to think about a few things before selecting the best wall bar cabinet path for you! Consider the following:

  • Where will I install my wall bar cabinet? What’s the best location?
  • Can I find a bar style that complements my home style?
  • How much space for storage do I need? What will be stored here?
  • What’s my budget?
  • Am I in the market for a bar cabinet online order or a DIY project?
  • Do I have a growing collection of booze and barware, or will I keep just a few bottles and minimal barware on hand?
  • When will I use my wall bar cabinet?

DIY Wall Bar Cabinet Designs

If you’re looking for your next weekend project, come on! We’ve got some snazzy wall bar cabinet concepts for you today, complete with tutorials! You’ll find both indoor and outdoor ideas below.


Interior wall bar cabinet
From Hazel & Gold Designs

Get the full tutorial here. You won’t want to miss out on your chance to make such a lovely storage and serving unit. The step-by-step guide is wonderful. Plus the photographs are helpful as you work to build one of your own!


Exterior liquor wooden cabinet
From Hunker

We’re head-over-heels for this DIY wall cabinet murphy bar! Get the details on how to construct it here. This is perfect for those outdoor areas. Especially if your poolside patio gets a little overcrowded! You may love having parties and grilling out, but you just don’t have the space to mix up cocktails. Now you will!

Ready-Made Wall Bar Cabinets

Just because these are ready-made doesn’t mean you can’t get ideas for your own creations! Don’t forget that as you keep looking. If you think you can build it, you likely can. And you can customize your wall bar cabinet to suit your needs and desires perfectly! Not a bad plan…

But also, if you just want to buy something, we get it. Order online. Leave it to the masters to handle the lovely craftsmanship. We recommend the same for decanters and whiskey glasses. Don’t make your own. Check out our full Prestige collection today!

Now, onto more wall bars!

INDOOR IDEA – Uncommon Goods (Industrial Flair)

Interior liquor shelf - indoor idea
Fold-down awesomeness.

Get all the details you need right here. You might find that this matches your tastes perfectly. Simply hang it and begin using it immediately. It’ll arrive ready to install. Fill it up with your favorite libations and barware.

OUTDOOR IDEA – Etsy Find (Recycled Wood)

Outdoor DIY wall bar cabinet
From Paradise of Furniture

Find this outdoor beauty right here. It’s handmade and can be yours. But you might even be inspired to try making this cool design yourself. We hope it gets your wheels turning! It would look great near your pool or grill. Or if you happen to have an awesome wall of foliage like this one.

What Do You Think?

How do you feel about these wall bar cabinet ideas and options? Let’s hear it in the comments below. And please, link to your favorites on the web. We support self-promotion, too. We welcome any and all wall bar tips and finds.

Thanks for hanging with us today. We hope you’ll be hanging your wall bar cabinet very soon! Tag us on Instagram @prestigedecanters. We’d love to see what you decide on.


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