What Is a Decanter? The Super, Easy Answer

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Obviously, we’re all about decanters here at Prestige, but you might be wondering: What is a decanter, anyway? If you’ve received one for a birthday, wedding, or holiday gift, you’re probably staring at it with curiosity and maybe confusion. Perhaps you’ve seen them advertised and wonder what all the fuss is about.

What is this fancy glass container? Sure, it’s pretty, but what does it do? Why should I put my wine or liquor in there before enjoying a pour? We’ll give you the real answer here. And we’ll keep things simple, but…

First, What Is Decanting?

Before we jump into the thing itself, let’s talk a bit about the act of decanting. What does that mean? In short, if you’re pouring your wine or liquor from its bottle into another container, you’re decanting. Congratulations! Decanting is a big word. It sounds like a process you don’t want to fool with. But it’s freaking easy as pie.

What Is a Decanter?

A decanter (get ready) is a vessel you use to decant. We did tell you we were keeping this straightforward and simple, right?

If you have an empty container around the house, you can decant wine or liquor right now. Go ahead. Grab an old pickle jar. Pour wine into it. Boom: you just used a decanter.

Yes, that pickle jar is a decanter. But, we won’t lie, it’s a pretty dumb decanter. The pickle jar was just a test. We repeat: it’s just a test. How you serve a drink says a lot about you. Serve wine or liquor from a pickle jar, and you’re going to get some looks.

We eat and drink first with our eyes. Remember that. Check out our Diamond Shaped 1000ml Glass Decanter pictured below. If you pour us a glass of bourbon or Pinot Noir from that beauty, oh, we’re all in. You’ve amped up our drinking experience. And you’ve definitely brought in a conversation piece. It’s a showstopper.

How and When Should You Use a Decanter?

What is a Decanter? - Prestige diamond shaped decanter.
Prestige diamond shaped glass liquor/wine decanter.

Check out this wine decanting video from Wine 101! And if you’re particularly interested in a liquor decanter, check out this video.

Why Use a Decanter?

We’ve already covered it in another article on why you should be using a decanter. There, we discuss both wine and liquor decanting, what they’re all about, and how a decanter makes sense in your home bar. It actually affects the flavor and aroma of your beverages in many instances. And in every case, a decanter represents a striking, memorable way to display your libations. Your basement bar, kitchen, man-cave, she-shed, or office is gonna look legit.

Short & Sweet

So, what is a decanter? Now you know. Yeah, we keep it short and sweet around here. We’re also pointing you to the best, most unique decanters on the market today. At Prestige, we believe in real wood, craftsmanship, and quality. And hold up: don’t go anywhere until you pair your Prestige Decanter with our stellar glassware.

We’d enjoy hearing about your decanter experiences in the comments below. Let us know how you feel about decanting. Are flavors enhanced? Are these containers just fly as hell, and everyone seriously needs one? Whatever you say, say it here.


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