Whiskey Gift Basket Idea For All Special Events

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Thinking of making a whiskey gift basket for that whiskey-loving person in your life? It’s a stellar idea, and we support you 100 percent. We’re also going to give you a brief guide on how to do it best. We hope the suggestions and recommendations below help you. These also make a great adult Easter basket, birthday surprise, retirement gift, or “just because” present.

Making a Whiskey Gift Basket

No matter the occasion, we’ll get you packing that basket in the right way. With just six easy steps, it won’t be long before your whiskey fanatic is smiling.

1) Select the “basket”

You’re only limited by your creativity here! You can go with the traditional basket if you like. Think about other things, though. You might consider a half barrel, small wooden bin, galvanized bucket, travel-size cooler, or colorful/themed bowl. Choose something that fits your dad and his personality.

Personalized Acacia Wood Bar Tray.
Custom Personalized Acacia Wood Bar Tray – Engraved

Another option is to place this custom, personalized Acacia Wood Bar Tray beauty underneath a container or a sturdy bag. Talk about stunning and practical!

2) Include the booze

A mix of cute bottles will go a long way!
Load up on bottles and samples.

Don’t you dare think about a whiskey gift basket that doesn’t contain at least one bottle of the good stuff. Samples are sweet, too! If you’re wondering about some special options, check out our Best Value Bourbon and Best Sipping Whiskey articles. You’ll make his Father’s Day legit with any of these picks.

We’re always adding new bottles for you to try. Subscribe to our blog for more info right here.

3) Sneak in a snack

Be sure to add some nice snacks in the mix!
Thank you, Sugar Spun Run for this delicious gift idea!

Sure, whiskey dads love their whiskey. But they have to eat, too. First, think about your papa bear and his tastes. Some good ideas are nuts, cheeses, chocolates, brittles, chips, pretzels, popcorn, dried fruits, gourmet bread, crackers, etc.  Wait, did you say homemade treats? That’s perfect. Yes. Next level.

See Sugar Spun Run’s recipe for Brown Butter and Bourbon Cookies. Total winners. Dad-approved.

4) Give them all the bells. And maybe even a whistle

Exceptional Father’s day gift item.
If you’re giving this, you’re officially the best gift-giver!

What do we mean by bells and whistles? The classy extras. The unforgettable showstoppers. The central focus and frills to match. We’re thinking decanters, whiskey glasses, personalized coasters, and more. Check out the Prestige online store now!

5) Add the filler first

Gift basket packaging handling
Packing paper is a great, sturdy option!

Before you load the basket, add your filler. You might opt for tissue paper or crinkle shreds. But you might also consider silk greenery for an outdoorsy feel or battery powered lights between the contents for some tipsy twinkle and glow. The idea for some of the filler is to prop the gifts up in the basket so that they can be seen.

Pro tip: Line the bottom of your whiskey gift basket with plastic bags or even packing paper. Roughly ball this up. Stack it if the basket is deep. Then cover that thick, foundational layer with colored paper, shreds, or whatever you choose.

6) Wrap it. Or don’t

Awesome whiskey gift basket for special events.
The bow is the cherry on top.

You can wrap the gift basket in cellophane.  It’s a nice touch to help keep everything in place.  Or you might opt to deliver it uncovered for a more rustic/old-school feel. You can also use sheer fabric, colorful mesh, or even a fishing net to pull everything together. Be creative! A gift bow adds a finishing element to the entire package. Signed, sealed, delivered!

Ready to Make a Whiskey Gift Basket for Your Dad?

If you’re preparing a Father’s Day whiskey gift basket, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below. What are you including? Share your thoughts. Others might snag your ideas for their own gifts. Thank you in advance!

And thanks for reading today. We’re always trying to bring you helpful tips about making moments and occasions memorable and fun. How could you go wrong with a whiskey gift basket? It’s essentially like you’ve wrapped up a party for your pops. And that’s pretty cool when you think about it.

Happy wrapping and gifting. Serving yourself a special pour from your own whiskey collection should also help you plan and work on this DIY present! And if you’re a dad reading this for your own dad, Happy Father’s Day to you!


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